KCC Learning is our training and capacity-building platform that engages with participants ranging from children, young students, enthusiasts, and emerging artists to art managers, and professional artists Through various well-curated programs and appreciation courses designed for the concerned groups and led by panels of experts and experienced faculties, the program exposes the participants to different disciplines of art and craft practices.

Theatre with Shadow

'Theatre with Shadow’ organised by KCC and facilitated by Jhalapala was a three day workshop for  children on stage acting and shadow puppetry. It comprised several activities including developing stories and preparing appropriate sets & props, helping them gain an in depth understanding of the art. With 14 young participants, the outcome of the workshop was a vibrant and immensely joyful production showcased at KCC. The workshop facilitated bonding among the participating children, and stoked their imagination. The workshop ended with the participants receiving certificates from the facilitators themselves.