The Library lies at the heart of Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC), a non-profit organization dedicated to building a balanced aesthetic community by celebrating creativity, diversity and harmony. The rich and varied collection of books at KCC Library constitutes one of the most comprehensive views of modern and contemporary art in India and the world. From a humble beginning in 2018 as a gallery library, its ever-increasing collection now has a wide variety of significant books on the history of art and art theory, aesthetics, visual arts, architecture, design, photography, performances, theatre, film, foods, and crafts. The Library also has an extensive collection of vernacular art books (Bangla/Bengali), international art magazines and auction catalogues, providing the students and scholars with the space and resources to study and research.

In addition to books and a space for reading and research, KCC Library maintains a year-round program of diverse activities – writer's and artist's talks, conversations, film-screening and discussion, and performances – at the library space every Friday. The aim is to redefine the Library as an active physical site of learning and knowledge exchange in the digital age when most readers are accustomed to online resources.

Library Reading Hours:

11 pm – 7 pm (Monday to Saturday, except Friday)

11 pm – 5 pm (Friday)


Join us for thought-provoking talks, captivating discussions, presentations, and film screenings every Friday. We aim to redefine/reimagine the library beyond books and reading rooms, cultivating a space for knowledge sharing, artistic exploration, and community connections.