26th - 31st April 2024
KCC Fourth Floor

Breaking the Fourth Wall - Rediscovering Brecht, Exploring His Timeless Relevance curated by Dr. Abhilash Pillai was a six-day grand festival from 26th to 31st August 2023. The festival commemorated the 125th birth anniversary of the iconic playwright, Bertolt Brecht.

The festival delved into the life, works, and philosophy of Brecht, whose impact on the world of theatre is immeasurable. It unique opportunity to immerse in the genius of Brecht's creations and explore the enduring relevance of his ideas.

Highlights of the Festival
  • Captivating theatre productions 
  • Exhibitions 
  • Spellbinding performances 
  • Thought-provoking panel discussions
  • Masterclasses
  • lectures
  • dramatic readings
  • Insightful workshops
  • Audiences from all walks of life joined us

The nationally-celebrated figures who joined us




Curatorial Note

In commemorating Bertolt Brecht's 125th birth anniversary, "BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL - Rediscovering Brecht: through his Timeless Relevance," unfolds as a week-long celebration from August 26th to 31st, 2023. This tribute pays homage to the influential playwright, poet, and theatre director whose legacy continues to inspire generations.

Brecht's distinct theatrical style, critiquing dialogue within socio-political contexts, resonates profoundly in today's world, urging us to question and challenge prevailing social structures. The festival offers an enriching experience through various art forms and engaging discussions, unveiling Brecht’s philosophy and its profound impact on theatre.

With workshops, masterclasses, and panel discussions led by distinguished scholars and practitioners, we delve deep into Brecht's life and work. These talks dissect facets such as "Performing Brecht," "Directing & Designing Brecht," "Remembering Brecht," "Philosophizing Brecht," and "A Future Brecht," inviting participants to explore Brecht's legacy through insightful lenses.

"IN CONVERSATIONS" features renowned theatre practitioners sharing fresh insights into Indian adaptations of Brecht's works, stimulating dialogues on social, political, and artistic dimensions. Additionally, the festival showcases photo exhibitions like "Brecht in India" and "Brecht in Bengal," highlighting Brecht's influence on the Indian cultural landscape.

Immersive art installations like "Unveiling Disquiet" and "Death Mask" challenge conventional perspectives, encouraging viewers to critique consciousness and embrace diverse narratives, mirroring Brecht's call for human connection and social reflection.

Ultimately, this festival aims to honor Brecht's enduring brilliance and inspire future artists to harness theatre as a potent force for positive change, fostering dialogue, introspection, and creativity to envision a more compassionate and just world.

- Abhilash Pillai

Breaking the Fourth Wall - At A Glance

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