AMI Arts Festival 2023: A Celebration of Creativity and Expression

Come be a part of AMI Arts Festival 2023. Whether you're an art connoisseur, a budding artist, or someone simply looking to be inspired, this arts festival welcomes you to experience the magic of creativity.

The Highlights of the Festival:
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Photography Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Art Bazaar
  • Performances
  • Film Screenings
  • Talks

Download the schedule to learn more about the festival.

Download AMI Schedule

*The organisers reserve the right to make changes to individual programs and the Festival in general, as deemed necessary under the circumstances.

In Search of Imperatives: The Changing Landscape of Contemporary Art in Bengal

1st to 31st December 2023

AMI Arts Festival 2023 - Karigari

6th to 10th December 2023
Art Bazar with Award-Winning Artisans from India

Footprint Film Festival: Celebrating Young Filmmakers' Vision

8th to 9th December 2023
A Celebration of Creativity and Expression

Grand Pichwai Painting - Big size Masterpieces Workshop

6th-10th December 2023

Explore the Elegance of Sanjhi Artistry - Paper Cutting Workshop

6th - 10th December 2023

Art of Block Printing Workshop

6th to 10th December 2023

My Kolkata In Kolkata (MKIK) 4.0

1st - 10th December

Earthy Creations: Terracotta Workshop

9th & 10th December 2023
Basics of Terracotta

AMI Arts Festival Presents Silajit Exclusive

10th December 2023

AMI Arts Festival presents CONFLUENCE a Meeting of Maestros

10th December 2023
Partha Bose on Sitar with Abhijit Banerjee on Tabla

Mastering The Art of Lac Doll Making

10th December 2023
A complete guide to Lac Doll Making

Hindustani Classical Instrumental Music by ‘Prince of Violin’ Indradeep Ghosh & Pandit Gourisankar

9th December 2023

Nata Sankirtan & Dhol Dholok Cholom at AMI Arts Festival

9th December 2023

AMI Arts Festival presents Dialogues With Sujoy & Samantak

8th December 2023
Discover the Magic of Artistic Synergy

AMI Arts Festival Presents an Enchanting Evening of Sufi Qawwali with the Qutbi Brothers

8th December 2023

AMI Arts Festival Presents ‘Lavani Ke Rang'

7th December 2023

Magic of Madhubani Paintings: Bookmark Making Workshop

7th December 2023

Workshop: Traditional Folk and Scroll Painting of Rajasthan - Phad Workshop

7th December 2023

Ceramics Plate Painting Workshop

3rd-6th December 2023

Bardo Beings

6th December 2023

Tree Of Life (Mix Media) & Installation Based Workshop

6th December 2023

Indigenous Toy With Palm Leaves

6th December 2023
Tal Patar Sepai Making Workshop

Black And White Relief Print Workshop On Wood Cut

2nd & 3rd December 2023
A complete workshop on woodcut print

AMI Arts Festival Presents: The Arko Mukhaerjee Collective

3rd December 2023

The Art of Eco-printing

3rd December 2023
ABCs of eco-printing

AMI Arts Festival presents Debdeep Enroute

2nd December 2023
Experience the Heart and Soul of Bengal through its Enchanting Melodies

Roots to Renaissance - Basic Conservation Workshop

2nd December 2023

Sanjay Mandal Group

1st December 2023

*Note - No Refunds possible once the amount has been paid.