KCC Baithakkhana - A Bengali Literary Meet

19th - 21st April 2024
KCC Fourth Floor

KCC Baithakkhana – A Bengali Literary Meet, curated by Chandril Bhattacharya and  Sanchari Mookherjee, presented by B. C. Sen Jewellers, was a three-day celebration of Bengali literature and culture from April 19th to 21st at KCC. The literary meet delved into the rich tapestry of Bengali literature, films, theatre, and music, with a special focus on the portrayal of the Bengali middle class. From thought-provoking discussions and debates to poetry readings, masterclasses, and captivating performances, it was a vibrant celebration like never before.


  • Various talks on different topics like Bengali literature, films, theatre, songs, and more took place during the festival. 
  • A very heated and engaging debate took place on whether we understand only Bengali Middle Class when we say Bengali.
  • People from various age groups and different paths of life visited KCC and participated in talks, performances, and debates. 
  • A number of stalls of books, garments, food, merchandise, and jewelry kept the floor buzzing. 
  • Performances by eminent poet (Srijato), singer (Anupam Roy), and actors (Sudipta Chakraborty & Anirban Bhattacharya) of Bengal made an ever-lasting impact on the audience.  
  • A one-of-its-kind performative discussion by Bangla Band Chandrabindoo and Cartoon Dawl (A group of cartoonists) called the curtain of the festival with songs and caricatures made on the theme of the song. 
We would like to thank our sponsors and collaborators: B.C. Sen Jewellers (Title Sponsor), Antiquity (Art Partner), Emami Healthy & Tasty (Associate Partner), Ishq 104.8 FM (Radio Partner), Hyype (Marketing Partner), Starmark (Bookstore Partner), Daak Bangla (Digital Partner), Sagittarius (PR Partner), Cube Concept Kitchen (Food Partner), Arun Sign (Outdoor Partner), Pratikshan (Gifting Partner), Catalyst (Event Partner), and Kolkata Bookworms (Promotion Partner). 

Curator's Note | Theme: "Bengali Middle Class"

The Bengali middle class is a strange animal. Its obsession ranges from constellation to constipation. The members of this tribe hate all governments and aspire to become government clerks. They talk incessantly about Tagore and think incessantly about money.

Bengali literature has often been about the Bengali middle class, probably because art has mainly been created and consumed by this class only. Novels, short stories, poetry, plays, and essays have ruthlessly dissected this class and exposed its hypocrisies, insecurities and cowardice. One exceptional quality of the Bengali middle class is that it does not shy away from this unmasking, instead, it eagerly leans forward to have a good look at the caustic juices and defective organs.

We should remember that this is the class which has defined 'Bengaliness' and determined the cursors of culture. The members of this clan desperately cling to their cherished values in an ever-changing world and helplessly gasp as the sand shifts. Some think they should change according to the world and some think the world should change back. An analysis of the anatomy of the Bengali middle class (through Bengali literature) is breathtaking because of the incredible collage of confrontations and contradictions, comedy and compassion.
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