Attempting to create a platform for the art-lovers, enthusiasts and young practitioners of performing arts, Kolkata Centre for Creativity curates weekly programs, all through the year focusing on different ways to connect and communicate.

"Your Space" is a thematically designed series of programs that, once in every month, brings art lovers and enthusiasts to perform and share their creative expression before an encouraging audience community. The creative expression in this category goes beyond formality of performance and includes ritualistic community practices as “Dhunuchi dance”, interdisciplinary jamming and individual choice of expressions and experimentations.

"Musical Evenings", every month, features maestros of different musical practices of India and abroad. It is becoming a “must going” event for the music lovers of the city to experience the musical emersion and the pleasure of an interaction with the masters of music.

"Emerging Artists" Platform focuses solely on providing a platform to emerging performers to present their original works. This program aims to present not only the creations but also the discourses and journey with and around it reflecting on the process of creations for the young creators. This year, to broaden its horizon, KCC is inviting proposals from all over India to extend this opportunity to the emerging artists country-wide. KCC presents 3 selected creations by emerging artists every year.

Upcoming Programs