Ramjhol 1.0 – Rajasthan: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Welcome to Ramjhol 1.0 – Rajasthan: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – a joyous celebration of Rajasthan’s rich culture and heritage from 18 to 20 August 2023 organised by Kolkata Centre for Creativity. 

The festival aims to explore all aspects of creativity and endeavour, including art, language, literature, theatre, film, craft, design, architecture, and history. The festivities culminate in three exciting days filled with captivating performances, insightful workshops, engaging talks, and mesmerizing exhibitions, all with a focus on nurturing and strengthening Kolkata's ties with Rajasthan and celebrating their shared heritage.

Highlights of Ramjhol 1.0 - Rajasthan: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • The festival was filled with visitors of different age groups who came from various communities. 
  • Remarkably, the festival succeeded in attracting people from different parts of the city who joined us for the talks on heritage, poetry, and literature of Rajasthan and Bengal.
  • As it was a unique opportunity to know Rajasthan's tradition, people joined us for the dance and musical performances as well.
  • A Bilingual play 'Baatposi' by Ramanjit Kaur & Group and a dastan-goi performance by Zahid Hossain and Palash Chaturvedi mesmerized everyone with its seamless flow of stories. 
  • Dingal, a language on the verge of extinction, got special attention as the rhythm of the poetry caught the attention of the audience.
  • Workshops on Sanjhi paper cut, PIchwai and Phad painting were major attractions for the visitors. Another workshop of Ghoomar dance was going on during the festival.
  • Ramjhol 1.0 called its curtain with Ghoomar, a dance performance by Vishakha Saraf and her students from the workshop.

Curator's Note

"Ramjhol 1.0 - Rajasthan: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" explores Rajasthan's culture and its ties with Kolkata. KCC covers contemporary art, language, literature, theatre, film, craft, design, architecture, and history in three days of performances, workshops, talks, and exhibitions.

The event transcends common clichés, delving into Rajasthani language, literature, and its poetic and musical traditions. Highlights include Dingal poetry, with unique meters and alliteration, and Maand music, featuring distinctive songs and murkis.

It also examines the migration surge to Kolkata post the 1899 drought and its impact, showcasing how business profits built magnificent Shekhawati havelis. Contemporary adaptations in new media, literature on migration, multi-lingual theatre, and traditional weaving and embroidery in modern apparel are featured.

Scholars, poets, and artists from across Rajasthan join, supported by Kolkata’s cultural organizations. Curator Vishes Kothari invites audiences to ensure future editions on an even grander scale.

- Vishes Kothari

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