Ramjhol 2.0 - Bringing Rajasthan and Kolkata Together

Date: 1st – 4th August 2024
Venue: KCC, 1st floor
The second edition of Ramjhol at KCC brings together Rajasthan and Kolkata in the most delightful ways imaginable, blending art, crafts, literature, music, dance, games, and food. This 4-day festival celebrates the many wonders of the Rajasthani culture and is set to transform KCC into a kaleidoscope of exceptional programs and performances.

Highlights of the festival
• An exhibition celebrating traditional craftspeople
• Musical performances 
• Story-telling sessions
• Insightful talks
• Fashion show
• Art, craft, dance, and culinary workshops
• Stand-up comedy 
• Traditional games, books, and more!
Ramjhol, whether interpreted as "पाजेब" or "झांझर," embodies more than a mere ornament; it signifies the essence of "मेल मिलाप" or bonding, fostering networking, exchange, and the delight of gathering for joyous occasions.

In this context, KCC Ramjhol 2.0 emerges as an extraordinary festival that nurtures socialization and connection while weaving together the rich cultural tapestries of Rajasthan and Kolkata. Through an amalgamation of art, craft, language, literature, and history, the event not only showcases the vibrant heritage of Rajasthan but also strengthens the ties between these two regions. Various forms of expression, such as storytelling, conversations, and dialogues, converge to offer a multi-dimensional experience.

With a diverse lineup encompassing performances, workshops, talks, fashion shows, and exhibitions, Ramjhol 2.0 ensures there's something for every attendee to enjoy and engage with. These endeavours not only celebrate cultural diversity but also serve as platforms for exchange and mutual appreciation.

Building upon the success of Ramjhol 1.0, which attracted an impressive footfall of 750 attendees over three days and featured over 100 artists, performers, teachers, speakers, poets, and thinkers from Rajasthan and the local community, Ramjhol 2.0 endeavours to elevate the celebration with even greater energy and experience. The festival will also spotlight renowned stalwarts from the realms of music, storytelling, and rare performances. The overarching goal is to create an unforgettable experience that captivates and inspires all who participate. This thoughtful and deliberate approach ensures that Ramjhol 2.0 not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its diverse and discerning audience.


घुमर री रमझोळ/ Ghoomar Ri Ramjhol

Date: 1st – 4th August 2024 
Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm 
Venue: KCC, 4th floor, Dance Studio  

Join us for an exhilarating workshop on Rajasthan's captivating folk dance, Ghoomar, conducted by the talented Vishaka Saraf from Jodhpur. Prepare yourself to delve into the rhythmic beats and graceful moves of Ghoomar that will transport you to the heart of Rajasthan. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, Vishaka Saraf's workshop promises to enrich your understanding and mastery of this iconic dance form.  
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Welcome to Rajasthan - पधारो म्हारे देस - Music Workshop

Dates: 1st - 4th August 2024 
Venue 1: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm at KCC Amphitheatre, 1st floor 
Venue 2: 3:00 - 5:00 pm at Marudhara, 6, Merlin Park, near Ballygunge Phari, Kolkata 700019 

Kicking off Ramjhol 2.0 with a special four-day workshop on Maand geet, the multi-faceted folk music of Rajasthan, facilitated by Padmashri Ali Mohammed and Ghani Mohammed. 

This workshop provides an immersive experience of traditional Rajasthani music. Participants will learn vocal techniques, Maand songs, rhythmic patterns, and musical ornamentation. The workshop includes practice sessions, cultural insights, and personalized feedback, culminating in improved singing skills and a deeper appreciation of Maand music. 
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गुणा री खाण-मोठ बाजरो - Magic of Millets

Date: 2nd August 2024  

Time: 11:30 am   

Venue: KCC cafe  

KCC has organised a millet salad workshop facilitated by Ruby Goenka to teach participants to create nutritious and delicious salads using various types of millets as a part of KCC Ramjhol 2.0. The workshop covers millet cooking techniques, ingredient pairing, recipe preparation, and presentation skills. Participants will gain practical culinary knowledge, promoting healthy eating habits and creative cooking with millets. 



Urban बिणजारो - RAHGIR

Date: 3rd August 2024 
Time: 6:15 pm onwards 
Venue: KCC Amphitheatre, 1st floor

On the 3rd day of KCC Ramjhol 2.0, a festival at KCC celebrating Rajasthani culture, get ready for a performance of Rajasthani folk, Sufi, and contemporary music presented by singer-songwriter Rahgir.

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कहते कबीर सुनो भाई साधो - Songs of the Mystics

Date: 2nd August 2024 
Time: 6:30 pm onwards      
Venue: KCC Amphitheatre, 1st floor 

On the second day of KCC Ramjhol 2.0, a festival at KCC celebrating the Rajasthani culture, Shabnam Virmani, accompanied by Shreeparna Mitra, will present an immersive performance of the poet and saint Kabir’s poetry, exploring themes of spirituality, social justice, and inner truth.  

बातपोसी - Daastangoi by Mahmood Farooqui

Date: 4th August 2024  
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm 
Venue: GD Birla Sabhaghar  

Join us at KCC Ramjhol 2.0, a celebration of Rajasthani culture at KCC, for a mesmerizing perofrmance of Dastangoi by writer, actor, and director Mahmood Farooqui who is known for his significant contributions to the revival of the art of Dastangoi.