Workshop on Handmade Paper Making

The workshop on handmade paper-making has been curated to inspire an understanding of the art of handmade paper-making under the supervision of an expert paper maker, who has been researching various fibres and experimenting with the process of organic paper-making. Participants will be instructed on how to prepare fibres, make pulp, form sheets, and so on. They will get to try their hands at different stages of the paper-making process. Various stages of the paper-making process will be well defined by the expert through a presentation. Two types of fibres — sugarcane and straws — will be used to produce a collection of papers in the workshop, embellished with natural objects found at the premises. The workshop will comprise of an intensive hands-on exploration where participants will be provided with frames and other pieces of equipment used for making paper. This exercise will be useful for the participants to understand the inherent characteristic of paper inspiring them to appreciate and use them better.

First Day

A presentation will be given focusing on the techniques of organic eco-friendly paper-making followed by a demonstration of preparing the fibres into pulp and forming the paper sheets.

Second Day

The participants will be encouraged to unleash their creativity through flowers, plants or any other natural object that they would wish to include in the sheet being made. They will experiment with the medium by creating impressions, forms and shapes on paper. The process of drying will be guided by the expert.

Multitudes of textures will be explored by the participants. They will learn how to transform a piece of paper into a piece of artwork.

Workshop Venue: Rabindra Tirtha (AMI Arts Festival ground)

Date: 22nd and 23rd December, 2022

Time: 11:00 - 14:00 Hrs IST

Duration: 3 hours

Age Limit: 16 - 35 (preferable)

Workshop fee: INR 750 for 2 days (including GST)

*Bookings will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis

About the Facilitator

Ruma Choudhury is an artist, who completed her bachelor's and Master's degree in Fine Arts in Painting from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan. She has participated in many exhibitions and received multiple prestigious awards and scholarships. Paper Nest is an initiative by Ruma Choudhury. The initiative came into being as a result of her quest to experiment with the existing paper-making techniques, to explore creatively — mainly through alternative practices — and nurture the local fibres of Birbhum. She often follows the masters of the Santiniketan School, and attempts to perfect materialistic perfection.

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