Grand Pichwai Painting - Big size Masterpieces Workshop

Embark on a five-day artistic journey into the world of Pichwai Paintings, a revered art form cherished by devotees of Lord Krishna worldwide. 

This comprehensive workshop from 6 to 10 December, 11 am to 4 pm is open to all enthusiasts eager to delve into the intricacies of Pichwai painting under the guidance of the experienced and esteemed artist, Kalyan Mal Sahu Ji. 
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What to Expect
Throughout this immersive workshop, participants will acquire a profound understanding of Pichwai painting, covering the following key aspects: 

Basic Drawing Elements of Pichwai Painting: Grasp the foundational elements that contribute to the unique beauty of Pichwai art. 

Subject Interpretations: Learn to interpret and portray subjects with depth and meaning. 

Objective Composition of Various Elements: Understand the deliberate arrangement of diverse elements to create a harmonious composition. 

Color Mixing Techniques: Master the art of blending colors to achieve the perfect palette. 

Color Compositions: Explore the strategic use of color to enhance the visual impact of your artwork. 

Color Application and Brush Techniques: Hone your skills in applying colors with finesse, employing various brush techniques. 

Workshop Content
Participants will have the opportunity to: 

Explore Pichwai Painting's History: Gain insights into the cultural and spiritual significance of Pichwai art. 

Draw Organic Elements: Capture the essence of nature by sketching organic elements. 

Create Beautiful Lotus with Equally Spaced Petals and Leaves: Master the intricate details of depicting the lotus, a symbol of purity. 

Produce Natural Textures with Different Brushes: Learn techniques to create lifelike textures using various brush strokes. 

Produce Vibrant Hues and Shades: Understand the nuances of color application to bring your painting to life. 

Paint Thin Lines and Their Effects: Perfect the art of painting thin lines and appreciate their visual impact. 

Drawing the Final Painting: Bring together your newfound skills to create a stunning Pichwai masterpiece. 

Trainer Profile
Meet our esteemed instructor, Kalyan Mal Sahu Ji, a renowned Traditional Pichwai Artist born in 1957, residing in Beawar, Rajasthan. With over 45 years of practice and learning from masters such as Guru Kanhiya Lal Yati and Shri Vaishnav Das Ji, Kalyan Ji is a master trainer of Pichwai Painting Art. His exceptional skills have been recognized with awards such as the National Award (2011), All India Silver Medal Award by Prafulla Dahanukar Foundation (2017), and Paramparagat Award by the Haryana Government (2018). 

Recommended for: 
This workshop is suitable for complete beginners (minimum age 12) and artists of all skill levels. Regardless of your experience, you will acquire advanced techniques to effortlessly create a beautiful Pichwai painting by the end of the workshop. 

Participants will craft their masterpiece on a grand 15 * 18-inch canvas, a tangible expression of their newfound Pichwai painting skills to take home. 
Special Offer 
Avail a special early bird offer of INR 6,000 valid till 30th November. Regular fee is INR 6,750 

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