Black And White Relief Print Workshop On Wood Cut

Date: 2nd to 3rd December 
Time: 12 pm to 4 pm 
Venue: KCC Terrace 

Welcome to the ‘Black & White Relief Print Workshop on Wood Cut’ – a journey into the timeless art of printmaking. 

This workshop, hosted on the serene terrace in collaboration with Artroom, promises to delve into the old-world charm of woodcut printing, offering participants a hands-on experience in this traditional and mesmerizing craft. 
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Workshop Overview:  

By the end of this workshop, participants can expect to: 

  • Gain insights into the age-old process of printing. 
  • Develop skills in the traditional art of wood carving. 
  • Understand the intricacies of the carving process. 
  • Learn the reproduction of their work in an edition-wise manner. 
  • Experience the nuanced interplay between black and white in printmaking. 
  • Embrace the accidental aspects of the creative process. 
  • Explore the experimental and accidental nature of printmaking. 
  • Express thoughts through their work in multiple ways. 
  • Develop thoughts and skills in a minimalistic manner.  

What Will You Cover: 

  • Process of layout drawing on accordion format. 
  • Types of carving techniques. 
  • Process of rolling and inking. 
  • Printing on an edition-wise basis. 
  • Recommended for ages 12 to 30 years 

Special Offer 
Avail a special early bird offer of INR 1,500 valid till 30th November. The regular fee is INR 2,000. 

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