Medium: Green soapstone 
Dimensions: 38.5 x 20.8 x 11 cm 

A Ganesh sculpture, originating from Orissa and crafted from soft soapstone, suffered extensive fragmentation due to a fall at a residential location before being collected by the custodian and delivered to the conservation lab. Upon arrival, the fragments were meticulously documented, and the impact on each piece was thoroughly assessed. Sensitive areas were consolidated to prevent further loss, recognizing the compromised strength along the fragment edges. 

Temporary assembly aided in identifying the extent of loss, followed by the engagement of Raghunath Mahapatra, a renowned stone sculptor from Orissa, who joined the lab team during the treatment. Collaboratively, the team scrutinized the sculpture’s iconography, with the artisan guiding the recreation of lost elements using stone from the source location. 

All elements, both old and newly crafted, were meticulously assembled, with new additions made to ensure the sculpture’s future interpretation aligned with the prevalent iconography of the art form. Thoughtful discussions ensued regarding providing finishing touches to distinguish newly added components, maintaining transparency, and ethical restoration practices. 

The final assembly, reflecting painstaking attention to detail, impressed the custodian, who generously donated the sculpture to the lab, recognizing its exemplary ethical restoration approach. Serving as a trophy for the team, the sculpture now resides in the conservation lab, serving as an inspiring example for aspiring conservators.