Stepping into the second year's journey Kolkata Centre for Creativity is bringing in a unique initiative to uplift and develop the discourse of various disciplines of art for young and emerging practitioners. KCC is offering a fellowship program to support specific research projects proposed by selected young practitioners for a year to develop, explore and present a discourse of their choice.

Purpose of the Fellowship

  • Extend the support to the practitioners of new generation as one of the most resourceful support centres in arts' field.
  • Develop a group of practitioners mentored by KCC in the field of art progressing towards making our KCC fraternity in the world of art.
  • Taking a step ahead as an art centre contributing to support, own and publish research papers and projects that will develop new artistic language.
  • Develop a group of alumni who will reach to the excellence to mentor the program under the umbrella of KCC for future generation of artists.
  • Publish a research oriented journal with the results of the research projects to uplift the particular discourse of art.

Who can apply

Young practitioners from age 21 years to 30 years from the fields of Visual Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance with minimum experience of practice: 5 years are eligible for the fellowship program.

How Does the Fellowship work?

Total No of Fellows
  • Visual art - 1 Fellow
  • Dance - 1 Fellow
  • Music - 1 Fellow
  • Theatre - 1 Fellow

Support the Fellow

Other than the amount, the fellowship also offers national international facilitator to guide fellows for their work. One also can support one fellow, and the fellow will be recognised by the sponsor's name.

Total amount

Amount of fellowship (per fellow)
Monthly Stipend INR 8000.00 x 12 months
INR 96000.00
One Time Stipend for the final presentation/ dissertation/ exhibition INR 4000.00
Annual Stipend cost/ fellow INR 100000.00
Allied guidance and mentorship (classes, travel cost)/ fellow INR 10000.00
Total cost/ fellow INR 200000.00

How to support

Support one fellow/ annum (only stipend)- INR 100000.00
Benefit- Recognition as a Co-sponsor

Support one fellow/ annum (Stipend+ Allied)- INR 200000.00
Benefit- Recognition as a Title sponsor


ConnectatKCC Emerging Artists' Platform focuses solely on providing a space to young and evolving artists to present their original works. KCC presents 3 selected creations by emerging artists every year.


ConnectatKCC Emerging Artists' Platform aims to showcase the creations as well as the discourses and journey with and around those reflecting on the process by the young creators. We believe this will be instrumental to navigate the evolving language of artistic creations by new generation creators contributing in the propagation and development of Art.

Who is an emerging artist?

Art practitioner of any discipline who has recently started their/ her/ his individual creative journey to voice their/ her/ his own perspective(s) and opinion(s). Artist(e)s can have a long training process of can be self-taught, but their journey of self-expression/ creation must be at its beginning.

Supports given to the emerging artist by KCC

  • Auditorium space.
  • Basic Technical requirements for the performance.
  • Promotion and marketing about the program.
  • Program management, hosting and ushering on the day of performance.
  • Preview and post coverage for selected projects

How can you support ?

  • Co-sponsorship Support INR 10000.00 - To support part cost of one program of ConnectatKCC emerging artist platform
  • Title Sponsorship Support (per chapter) INR 20000.00 - To sponsor complete expense of one program of ConnectatKCC emerging artist platform on any one chapter in a year (either April - July or August - November or December- March)
  • Title Sponsorship Support (Annual) INR 50000.00 - To sponsor complete expense of all three programs of ConnectatKCC emerging artist platform in a year

Become a Sponsor