Tree Of Life (Mix Media) & Installation Based Workshop

Welcome to a unique artistic experience – the Tree of Life (Mix Media) Workshop & Installation on 6 December, 5 pm to 7 pm at the KCC Terrace! Join us on a creative journey where we not only explore the beauty of mixed media art but also contribute to a collective installation on the magnificent branches of a banyan tree. 

Workshop Overview: In this workshop, we'll bring the Tree of Life concept to life. Participants will create stunning artwork to be hung on the branches of a banyan tree. The symbolism is profound – the banyan tree connects heaven and earth, and the artworks represent the unity of diverse cultures, religions, and ideologies. Together, it becomes "The Tree of Life." 
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By the end of the workshop, you can expect to have learned: 

  • Painting on canvas 
  • The concept of Tree of Life 
  • Mix media art techniques 

Trainer Profile: Meet Darshika Kandoi, an artist with a deep passion for creativity. Having pursued Fine Arts alongside a post-graduation in Marketing and sales Management, Darshika found her calling in art. With over 50 workshops conducted and a background as a full-time graphic designer, she is dedicated to bringing people closer to the magic of art. Join Darshika on this artistic journey and unleash your creative side. 

Recommended for: Ages 8+ 
Special Offer 
Avail a special early bird offer of INR 1,100 valid till 30th November. The regular fee is INR 1,200. 

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