The Art of Eco-printing

Eco-printing focuses on a sustainable way of printing fabrics with nature. Not only is it non-harmful to the environment, but the medicinal characteristics of natural dyestuff (leaves, flowers) have a soothing effect on the body and mind. 

The workshop on 3 December, 2 pm to 6 pm will delve into the fully sustainable and indigenous techniques of eco-printing.
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By the end of the workshop, you can expect to have learned the following:  

  • Knowledge about plants suitable for eco-printing  
  • Learning the intricate techniques of eco-printing  
  • DIY projects to prepare at home  
  • Various innovative ideas for unique gifting  

What will you cover?  

  • Introduction to basic eco-printing and the equipment 
  • Participants will be provided their own materials so they can proceed to prepare their own bundles. (bundles: the rolled and tied fabrics)  
  • All the prepared bundles will be subjected to heat via steam (either in induction or in steamer). It will require at least an hour to see some significant results.  
  • Once the bundles are safely put to steam, various applications and DIY projects will be discussed including how to eco-print your own clothing items.  
  • Unbundling and revealing the outcome of the projects.  
  • Participants will be crafting a stole, which they can take back home.  


Trainer profile  

Adrita Biswas; an academician, clusterpreneur, textile artist, and avid handloom enthusiast; is currently pursuing a PhD in eco-printing. An NIFT alumni, she co-founded the ‘House of Bengal’, a sustainable venture based on eco printing. Her sole mission is to adopt and introduce eco-friendly lifestyle choices to conscious humans.  

Recommended for anyone who’s interested in nature and art. 

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