Slopes to Sea: A Journey through traditions across Bengal

West Bengal is full of culturally rich and diverse traditions. Every inch of this state is brimming with a variety of topographical differences. Numerous dialect shifts can be observed within the span of a few kilometers, and along with this, change the traditional art forms. There is an abundance of folk art forms. While some of them are popular in their own regions, yet others have become so popular that they have been scaling national and international boundaries for a long time. Each and every folk form has got its own characteristics, own dialect, own aesthetics and different structural formations. 

These diverse folk performances are being brought together by Music Composer, Singer, and Songwriter Subhadeep Guha in one ensemble performance on the inauguration of AMI Arts Festival 2022.

As the name ‘Slopes to Sea’ suggests, the performance will begin with the folk forms from the hills of Bengal and gradually come down to the Bay of Bengal, highlighting the important folk forms of the different districts. So in effect, the performance will be a cultural mapping of Bengal showcasing a selection of 12 folk forms — interlinked in a single musical performance.


Venue: Open-air Stage, Rabindra Tirtha

Date: 17th December 2022

Time: 16:00 - 17:00 Hrs (IST)

About the Artist

For more than 20 years, Subhadeep Guha has been researching the use of Experimental Music in Theatre. He has been awarded the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar 2018 (Sangeet Natak Academy Award) by the Indian Government and a Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture to research Ambience and Spirituality in folk and traditional music. Subhadeep is a music composer associated with SVF (Sree Venkatesh films) & HOICHOI and has composed music for various movies and web series in both Bengali and Hindi. He has worked in Byomkesh, The Eken, Mandaar, and Ballabpurer Roopkotha to name a few. Subhadeep has a musical group named Arshinagar which focuses on traditional music at large. The group also released 2 albums in the years 2016 & 2017 and a 3rd experimental album is coming up in 2023. 

Subhadeep is also a visiting faculty of the National School of Drama, New Delhi & Sikkim, where he teaches Music Application in Theatre.