Sanjay Mandal Group

AMI Arts Festival proudly presents an evening of music, art, and transformation featuring the extraordinary Sanjay Mandal Group on 1 December, 5.00 pm. Join us for an immersive experience as they weave captivating melodies from unconventional materials, breathing life into discarded items and traditional Bengali rhymes. 

Sanjay Mandal and his ensemble redefine conventional music by transforming ordinary objects—empty paint tins, scrap metals, and wood—into a mesmerizing symphony of sounds. Their unique approach to music transcends entertainment; it's a testament to resilience and hope.

The event is open to all but the registration is mandatory!
Free Registration!
About the Group

Sanjay Mandal Group: Sanjay Mandal and his group redefine music and art by creating symphonies from unexpected sources—empty paint tins, scrap metals, and wood. Starting in 2005, Sanjay's mission began as a quest to empower underprivileged children in Tangra's slums, offering education, healthcare, and a path to a different life. Now, after 18 years, he continues to guide the third generation towards a brighter future. 

Sanjay, skilled in leather-based instruments and sree khol, earned recognition and a Ministry of Culture scholarship. Leading a group of 16-17 children, they've achieved acclaim on "India's Got Talent" and in films like "Aami Joy Chatterjee," "Extraction," and "Tangra Blues." Their unique signature lies in playing music with waste materials, accompanied.