All India Open Call for Photography Awards and Exhibition

Application Deadline: 24 August, 2024

About My Kolkata in Kolkata 5.0

My Kolkata in Kolkata (MKIK) is the annual Open Call for Photography Exhibition and Awards by the Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC). The exhibition is a part of KCC’s annual festival, the Ami Arts Festival.
Kolkata, the erstwhile capital of colonial India and one of South Asia's significant spaces of cultural exchanges and historic events, has acquired many layers through the centuries. The city has been a muse, mother, and much more for artists, writers, photographers, travelers, and people of different walks of life. KCC’s annual photography awards and exhibition ‘My Kolkata in Kolkata’ is a celebration of Kolkata and its many characters through different perspectives. Kolkata Centre Creativity is excited to bring this amazing range of photographs to the public through ‘My Kolkata in Kolkata 5.0’. 

How to Apply

‘Kolkata’ itself is the theme of this edition. It can be anything related to Kolkata. 

The two categories of entries are,

1. Single Photo – Maximum of 5 entries per individual. All the photographs should be collated in a single PDF file, which should not exceed 10 MB.
(Note: The location and year of taking of single photos should be mentioned in the same PDF as well)
2. Photo Story – Maximum of 2 photo stories per individual. Each photo story can have a maximum of 10-15 photographs. Both the Photo Stories should be collated in a single PDF file, which should not exceed 10 MB.
(Note: The photo story should have a small description or overview text (not more than 250 words) associated with it that describes the theme of the photo story, its location, and the year of taking the photographs

What is a photo story? A Photo Story is a series of individual photographs that narrate any particular theme, idea, story, event, etc.)

• Both categories will have separate application forms. 

• The application fee costs INR 500 per category

• The PDF file name: Applicant’s Name_Category_MKIK 5.0

• Applicants should upload this PDF file on Google Drive and share the ‘access to all’ Google Drive link in the respective column in the Razorpay form

• The PDF should include the photographs, a small description of the works (mandatory for the photo story), and a little note about the photographer/artists (maximum 150 words).

• An eminent jury will select 15 photographs from the single photo category (1 out of the 5 submissions per application) and 5 photo stories for the MKIK exhibition. 

• The jury will also select one Single Photograph and one Photo Story for the Excellence Awards. The winners will be awarded on the exhibition preview day. The date of the Award and Exhibition will be announced on the website soon. 

• After the jury selection, applicants will be asked to share the high-resolution files of the selected photographs with the program team. For the e-catalog, the selected participants will be asked to share a profile photograph, a short note about themselves (150 words maximum)

To apply for Single Photo:
Click Here!
To apply for Photo Story:
Click here!


Any Indian citizen can apply.

No age limit. Applicants below 18 years will have to upload their parent’s ID card in the application form. 

Applicants should only send the photographs taken after December 31, 2022. 

In the case of mobile photography, the mobile should have a minimum of 12 MP camera. The mobile model, location, and year of taking should be mentioned. 

Terms and Conditions

All the intellectual property rights will be with the artist/photographer.

The participants are allowed to submit only one application form.

If any of the works have been exhibited previously, they should be mentioned in the PDF file. 

After the final selection, the participants are requested to send the high-resolution files of the same photograph submitted in the PDF. The file should be ready for printing; KCC will not engage in the editing process after receiving the file. 

Printing and exhibition of the photographs will be done by the KCC exhibition team.

The exhibition design, display, and curation will be handled entirely by the MKIK team. 

The selected photographs for the exhibition shall be utilized solely for non-commercial purposes, which include promotional activities, creatives, handouts, and promotional materials for subsequent editions.

In the case of sales or any other form of commercialization of the images, the KCC team will secure consent from the photographers. Profit sharing between the Photographer and KCC will be based on a mutually agreed percentage.

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered for the Exhibition and Awards.

No watermarks are allowed on the photographs.

The details of the photographs should not be mentioned in the image by editing.

The applicant should upload any official ID card in the application form

All the participating photographers selected for the exhibition will get a certificate of merit and an e-catalog.

Any plagiarism will disqualify the applicant from the competition and the exhibition. 

The participants are requested to take the works after the exhibition. KCC will not be responsible for artwork transportation.  

There won’t be any application fee reimbursement under any circumstances. 
Incomplete applications will not be considered for the awards and exhibition.   


Application Deadline: 24 August, 2024
No personal calls to the team members will be entertained.  
All applicants are requested to complete their applications by filling up the Razorpay form.

For further information, please contact +91 9319413922 or write to