Living A Dark Night

Living a Dark Night, a project conceptualised and curated by eminent printmaker Dr. Paula Sengupta, was born in the wake of the deadly second wave of the pandemic in collaboration with Kala Chaupal. During AMI, this exhibition was hosted at KCC, giving a platform to students, fellow educators and artists to rise and raise their voices, harkening back to the original role of printmaking, the most democratic of all art-making processes.


About 2 years back, Paula Sengupta in collaboration with Kala Chaupal - creators of 'Living A Dark Night' invited artists to come together to hear the anguish caused by COVID -19 and register it for posterity, lest history forgets. The works in this initiative encapsulate a time of despair and anxiety, when artists withdrew into the studio as the only space of refuge. Executed in a space of isolation, these prints look from deep within to the spectre without … but also from darkness to light.

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