Let's Make Films: Summer Camp

Are you passionate about storytelling and eager to explore the captivating world of making short films and documentaries? Join Let's Make Films, a fun-filled immersive summer camp presented by Kolkata Centre for Creativity and FootPrint @ The Peninsula Studios. From 20 to 30 May, 13 to 24-year-olds, with little or no experience, can learn a range of filmmaking skills; scriptwriting, camera operation, audio-recording, video editing, special effects, sound design, music integration, directing actors, and much more.

The course is designed  by FootPrint Centre @ The Peninsula Studios.

Why Join Let’s Make Films: Summer Camp

🔹Gain hands-on skills and experience in all aspects of film production

🔹Meet industry experts and film celebrities and learn from seasoned filmmakers

🔹Exclusive one-day studio visit

🔹Develop critical thinking, creativity, communication and, team working skills

🔹Short duration course: 20 to 29 May, 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm with film-screening on 30 May

🔹Opportunity to screen your film at FootPrint Film Festivals

Course Modules:

🔹Introduction to Storytelling and Filmmaking
🔹Pre-production: Stages of Filmmaking and Planning
🔹Production: Cinematography and Sound
🔹Post-production: Editing

Course Outcomes:
Upon completion, participants will:

🔹Produce a complete short film demonstrating acquired skills and creativity.
🔹Analyze and evaluate various filmmaking techniques, processes, and styles.
🔹Effectively communicate ideas and visions through visual storytelling.
🔹Gain opportunities to showcase films at Footprint Film Festivals.
🔹Engage and network with industry experts.

Course fee:

🔹Course Fee (includes a one-day Studio Visit): INR 8,500

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Trainer Profiles
Bidisha Roy Das With a career spanning over 30 years, Bidisha Roy Das is a versatile visual communicator, educator, vocalist, and entrepreneur. She has delved into various creative domains, including broadcast journalism, television production, independent filmmaking, music, and art education. Bidisha has crafted numerous thought-provoking features and documentaries, particularly focusing on art and artists.

Co-founding the JD Centre of Art Film Forum in Bhubaneswar, Bidisha spearheaded initiatives aimed at archiving, documenting, and screening films centered on art. Her efforts led to the establishment of the JDCA Film Festival for Art & Artists, an esteemed event celebrating the fusion of art and cinema. Additionally, Bidisha founded Anjuman, an organization dedicated to nurturing 21st-century skills in children and young adults through art pedagogy.

In her commitment to empowering young voices, Bidisha co-founded the FootPrint Film Festival, providing a platform exclusively for children and youth to showcase their films and share their unique stories and perspectives.

Priyanjana Dutta brings over 20 years of experience as a freelance journalist and award-winning filmmaker. Starting her journey in television with UTV and later joining NDTV, Priyanjana was part of the acclaimed documentary team, India Matters. She furthered her career as a sports anchor at NDTV before assuming the role of Bangalore Bureau Chief at CNN-IBN in 2005.

As an independent filmmaker, Priyanjana's focus lies in amplifying voices from marginalized communities, shedding light on issues of livelihood, sustainability, climate rights, education, and the rights of children, women, and minority groups. She is also the co-founder of the FootPrint Film Festival, a testament to her dedication to providing a platform for underrepresented narratives.

Nilav Bose An award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and TEDx speaker, Nilav Bose brings a wealth of experience in both non-fiction and fiction filmmaking. His portfolio boasts diverse projects featured on prestigious platforms such as NatGeo, Sony BBC Earth, and Discovery India. Collaborating with renowned filmmakers like Ahmer Khan, Nilav has worked on international documentary projects exploring pressing issues such as wetland conservation and AIDS.

Nilav's passion for storytelling extends to fiction filmmaking, with his latest project, 'Arshi,' currently in post-production. Armed with a background in Mass Communication and Journalism from St. Xavier's University, Nilav possesses a profound understanding of visual storytelling nuances, enriching his contributions to the cinematic landscape.

Debadrita Bose is a  filmmaker, poet and  translator. She has authored two books of poetry and has contributed to translation anthologies. She has made a number of films on gender and sexuality.  Her films travel national and international festivals. Debadrita writes screenplay and also makes ad films and corporate films. She is also a teacher of literature and cinema.