In Search of Imperatives: The Changing Landscape of Contemporary Art in Bengal

This exclusive segment within the upcoming AMI Arts Festival, running from 1st December to 1st January 2023, is set to showcase the remarkable artworks of talented art students from various art colleges across West Bengal. We initiated an open call inviting current students to participate in this enriching experience.  

From 1st to 31st December at KCC, the chosen artworks will be displayed, providing these selected artists with a platform to connect with esteemed personalities from the art world. Additionally, a series of panel discussions will be organized during the festival, fostering critical dialogue and interaction. 

In addition to showcasing the students' artworks, this exhibition will also feature masterpieces by some of the most distinguished art faculty members from Bengal's art colleges. 

About the Curator - Nanak Ganguly

Nanak Ganguly, an independent curator and critic based in Kolkata, boasts an extensive portfolio having curated shows in major art hubs worldwide. He has contributed significantly to various renowned publications and was appointed the Commissioner of VIIIth Pan Asia-Pacific Art Biennale by Lalit Kala Akademi in 1997. 

Selected Artists

Explore the artistry of selected students from various art colleges: 
  • Abhrajit Kundu from Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship 
  • Achintya Bhattacharjee from Kala Bhavana 
  • Ali Hossain Khan from Kala Bhavana 
  • Anannya Roy from Government College of Art and Craft 
  • Arieno Kera from Kala Bhavana 
  • Neha Dey from Rabindra Bharati University 
  • Pollabi Dhara from Rabindra Bharati University 
  • Rishit Datta from Government College of Art and Craft 
  • Romit Roy from Rabindra Bharati University 
  • Rudra Prasad Sengupta from Sister Nivedita University 
  • Sagar Kundu Sister Nivedita University 
  • Sanjana Gupta from Government College of Art and Craft 
  • Sayanti Das from Government College of Art and Craft 
  • Smriti Shaw from Government College of Art and Craft 
  • Sudeshna Nandi from Kala Bhavana 
  • Wanhi i Challam from Kala Bhavana 

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