Hindustani Classical Instrumental Music by ‘Prince of Violin’ Indradeep Ghosh & Pandit Gourisankar

Prepare for an enchanting evening on 9 December, 6.30pm as the AMI Arts Festival proudly presents a captivating performance of Hindustani Classical Instrumental Music by the illustrious artists, 'Prince of Violin' Indradeep Ghosh and Pandit Gourisankar. 

This musical journey promises to transport you into the soulful depths of traditional Indian Classical Music. 

The performance is open to all but the registration is mandatory!
Free Registration!

The evening begins with an interactive introduction where the artists reveal and elaborate on the Raga & Tala they're about to bring to life. This immersive experience sets the stage for a profound musical encounter.

Explore the Raga's nuances, starting with the introspective Alap and transitioning into the rhythmic Jod Jhala, all skillfully performed without Tabla accompaniment. 

The crescendo arrives with the Gat or Bandish, where the Tabla joins in, igniting a mesmerizing dialogue between melody and rhythm. Experience the tempo shifting from slow to super-fast, leaving you spellbound and immersed in the sheer brilliance of the performance.

About the Artists

Indradeep Ghosh - 'Prince of Violin': Renowned as the 'Prince of Violin,' Indradeep Ghosh is a trailblazer for the Maihar Gharana, known for his unique musical prowess and the ability to evoke a range of emotions through his performances. His innovative style integrates various musical techniques, creating a fusion of Western Classical and Oriental music. With a repertoire spanning across prestigious international festivals and collaborations with esteemed musicians, Indradeep continues to redefine Indian Classical Music.

Pandit Gourisankar - Tabla Maestro: Pandit Gourisankar, a leading tabla maestro, showcases his talent and creativity through classical performances and experimental East-West World Music collaborations. His artistry has graced stages alongside eminent artists both in Indian classical and world music spheres. As the founder of the "School of Indian Percussion & Music" in Austin, Texas, Gourisankar continues to inspire and nurture budding talents in the field.
For any queries please contact +91 9674140905  or write to kcc@akst.org.in  

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