EurAsia Photo Contest “19”

The first edition of EURASIA PHOTO CONTEST, entitled “19” will be inspired by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. The contest aims to involve photographers and dancers from all over the world, who are passionate about photography. It would lead to a collection of historical archive material about what can be considered a unique event, which will leave an indelible mark in the history of human beings. The international competition is organized by EURASIA DANCE PROJECT INTERNATIONAL NETWORK, directed by Stefano Fardelli, in collaboration with:

  • Italian Cultural Institute of Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Italian Cultural Institute of Dakar (Senegal)
  • Kolkata Centre For Creativity (India)
  • DanzaSi Magazine (Italy)
  • Test´s Art of Rome (Italy)

    The contest has an online application. Participants can send their photos within the 30th September 2021.

    Photographers and artists are encouraged to send their most beautiful and significant photos immortalizing this unrepeatable period of pandemic and quarantine that we have experienced. Photos can be indoors or outdoors but must always have a protagonist: the body. 
    The “Call” is interested in identifying those works that enclose the body – one or more bodies – in relation to the space, a common space that has been contaminated and thus transformed from its original structure by the Covid-19 alarm. 

    We are looking for pictures in which the work of the dancing body is clearly inspired in its poses by the surrounding dynamics, for example in relation to home spaces or deserted streets during the quarantine. These kind of proposals will be strongly appreciated, but this is not mandatory in order to win the contest.

    The jury will award a maximum of 40 photos divided in three prizes.
     Selected photos and photographers / dancers / artists will be awarded with the following prizes

    • FIRST PRIZE: the top 20 most voted photos will be published in our partner magazine and then exhibited in India, Senegal, Indonesia and Italy
    • SECOND PRIZE: the 10 most voted photos after the first prize pics will be exhibited in Italy and Indonesia
    • THIRD PRIZE: the 10 most voted photos after first and second prizes will be exhibited in Italy

    Once again, this new EurAsia Event wants to help EurAsia Students & Dancers in Europe who, like all of us, are fighting this battle against COVID-19 and who, far from their families, and with a precarious economic condition, could not keep working.

    All proceeds from the event will be used first to cover the technical costs of the tour of the exhibitions and the remainder will be fully donated and divided among the EurAsia Students & Dancers with greater economic issues. 

    The total budget given by the registrations, the total used for the living costs of the event and the final amount donated to charity will be listed and specified on the website
    The Contest is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute of Dakar in Senegal and by the Italian Cultural Institute of Jakarta in Indonesia.
    Applications will be accepted within the 30th of September 2021 only upon receipt of all required documentation.

    Please Download, Read Carefully, Fill In and Sign the following files providing all the request documents along with your application:

    Download the registration form here
    Registration Form
    Kindly read the rules and regulations document carefully - 
    Rules & Regulations