Emerging Artist's Performance (Bhasa- The Language)

As a young choreographer trained in both traditional and contemporary Indian dance techniques I find it surprising that I might need anything more than dance as a language to communicate. The British regime in India lasted for about 200 years but the reign and supremacy of the English language and the obsession of the common Indian with it lasts till now. Not having studied in an English medium school was never a worry for me till I reached the point where I needed to start speaking about my dance. For me dance is itself the strongest medium of expression ever, now imagine needing another language to explain my dance to people. I decided to study for an MA in dance but could not get admission to the only course in the country because I could not probably do well enough in the written test. I was clearly not competent enough to study dance for English. What happens when one language is needed to explain and justify another! what validation do my body and the way it moves need from those for whom my dance is not enough, Bhasa( Sanskrit for Language) is a personal exploration of the ignominy of those who failed because they could not explain their gift, talent, art in English, a foreign language in a country, where there are 22 listed local languages. Through a series of incidents on stage I would want to explore through dance the failure to communicate it.

Name of the Artists - Pintu Das   
In conversation with Priyadarshini Ghosh (TBC) 

Pintu Das is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, and fitness instructor from Kolkata. He started his dance career with “Street Form" and "Cinematic Dance". He graduated from Rabindra Bharati University on Bharat Natyam in 2010. Alongside he took training in contemporary dance form from Sapphire Creation Dance Company and in 2009 and become a member of the company. In later times, Pintu got his training on "Mind body centering and Improvisation” by Michael Casanovas of France. With passing time, he acquired knowledge and training on contemporary dance under various international Choreographers. Recently in 2020, Pintu completed Animal Flow level 1 under Global Body Weight Training / Animal Flow.
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