Divergent Terrains

The AMI Arts Festival had invited visual artists to submit their artworks for the art exhibition cum fundraiser, exploring this year’s theme—’landscapes’. The exhibition—titled Divergent Terrains—was curated by eminent curator Mr. Suresh Jayaram, who is the Founder-Directorof Visual Art Collective, Shanthiroad Studio.
This talk session was  selected Artists (in no particular order):
•Paramita Chakrabarty
•Debjyoti Roy
•Dheeraj Kumar
•Santosh Pattar
•Priyanka Chharia
•Soma Bhowmik
•Shakibul Islam
•Preeti Chandak
•Rajesh Barman
•Suparna Sen
•Kazi Samime Rahaman
•Subhanil Roy
•Debaroti Seth
•Barnali Nath
•Lakshmi Nagaraj
•Nazia Rushdi
•Shreyan Banerjee
•Sourav Bose
•Anuradha Date
•Sharmistha Banerjee
•Banani Karmakar Bhunia
•Paraangad Shaw 
•Kushan Bhattacharya 
•Sadikul Islam
•Shubham Karsan Kesur
•Abhradeep Dutta
•Samiran Sarkar
•Abhilash Paul
•Soma Boral
•Anuvab Karmakar
•Samba Prasad Biswas
•Chandni Ghosh
•Snehendu Pal
•Pratap Manna
•Debalina Laha
•Suman Mukherjee
•Bipul Roy
•Mohini Mehta
•Yagyaseni Kanjilal
•Amrita Dasgupta
•Sovon Manna
•Umesh Kumar Gupta
•Mitali Gurey
•Sudatta Basu Roy Chowdhury
•Priyanka Joshi
•Aritra Aich
•Sreya Saha
•Debadrita Saha 
•Sourav Mondal
•Shruti Parekh
•Dipankar Ray
•Sumartya Dutta
•Shruti Suresh
•Debashree Mavani 
•Soura Chatterjee
•Verma Mukesh Nokhelal
•shani Bachawat 
•Arpita Chatterjee 
•Anirban Bhattacharya
•Adil Writer
•Suresh Kumar Singha
•Subhoshree Bhowmic
•Sayandeep Kangsabanik
•Priya Dutta 
•Manisha Saha
•Koushik Nath
•Sayan Biswas
•Goutam Pal
•Subha Basu
•Anasuya Gangopadhyay
•Dayal Chand Paik 
•Savya Jain

Venue: Gallery 3, Rabindra Tirtha
Date: 17th - 25th December
Time: 11 AM to 8 PM

Concept Note: 

When we hear ‘landscape painting’, we are immediately transported to bucolic countrysides, mountains, seashores and greenery. Landscapes provide the escape, the relief that we seek from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Cityscape, on the other hand, is another kind of landscape that celebrates the architecture and spirit of a city, capturing its soul. Landscape paintings are often windows to a world we look forward to—a portal for the things we enjoy but do not possess or cannot experience as often as we wish to. 

The scenes of rural life in Indian villages take us back to our roots, as we cherish and remember the simplicity that has gone amiss in the modern world. The massive mountain peeping above the clouds instills resilience, while the vast and violent waves of the swelling sea remind us of our own insignificance. On the contrary, cityscapes reinforce the latent beauty in our own surroundings. In our daily hustle, we often forget to admire the grand architecture that surrounds us, the familiar corners steeped in memories. Being a part of the crowd, we hardly have the time to stand apart and observe “The apparition of these faces in the crowd:/Petals on a wet, black bough” (In a Station of the Metro, Ezra Pound). 

Thus, although landscapes have the power to transport one to a different zone, it is not only the spatial shifts alone but also the temporality of it all which is rather intriguing for the sensitive, artistic minds. The same landscape evokes different sensations in different seasons. At times, the landscape goes through major transformations in a day's time, changing bit by bit, hour by hour. They often reflect the mental state or the mindscape of the spectators onto the vast field of vision or the landscape before them.

Celebrating this rather popular and intricate style of art, for the AMI Arts Festival 2022, KCC invites artists to submit Landscapes (be it rural or urban). Selected artworks would be displayed at an exhibition cum sale at Rabindra Tirtha from 17th to 25th December, 2022.

About the Curator:

Suresh Jayaram is an artist, art historian, arts administrator and curator from Bangalore. He is the Founder-Director of Visual Art Collective/1.Shanthiroad Studio — an international artist’s residency and alternative art space in Bangalore, India. He taught Art History at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, the College of Fine Arts in Bangalore and later went on to become the Dean from 2005-2007. He was the principal of the College of Fine Arts, a part of the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath located in Bengaluru. He is currently involved in art practice, urban mapping, archiving, curation and arts education. His keen interest in environmental and urban developmental issues influences his work. Bangalore’s Lalbagh: A Chronicle Of The Garden And The City - a chronicle and anecdotal narrative of the city and its oldest garden, is his latest publication.  

Artwork courtesy: 'Valley - I' by Sumartya Dutta