"CRAFT & DESIGN SESSION II Taal Patar Sepai Learn the making of bengal's oldest form of rod puppet"

Kolkata Centre for Creativity is organising a workshop on the making of Bengal's oldest form of rod puppet. This would sincerely convey the message of sustainability through the encouragement of making palm leaf puppets. 'Taal Patar Sepai' or Palm Leaf Sepoy is one of the oldest forms of Indian puppetry as well as Bengal. These puppets are made out of dried palm leaves. By sharing the history and the stories, the workshop will lead to an interesting part where the participants would be engaged in a talk session, in order to underline traditional and entertaining aspects of puppetry.

The workshop is going to facilitate the traditional way of making the Palm Leaf Sepoy. The name of this puppet also carries a historical significance. Using biodegradable materials an artisan makes these puppets; such as part of dried palm leaf, threads, bamboo sticks and colours. The workshop would conclude with a talk session in order to engage participants and underline traditional and entertaining aspects of puppetry.