Art & Craft Workshops @KCC

Explore your artistic side this February at Kolkata Centre for Creativity! Join us for engaging workshops on candle making, sculpting terracotta wonders, crafting personalized wrapping paper, and eco-friendly printing


Dates: 24th and 25th February
Time: 11 am – 3 pm
Venue: KCC Terrace

Workshop Overview:
Explore the timeless art of Terracotta, an ancient traditional craft deeply rooted in India's heritage. This hands-on workshop will not only introduce you to the art of Terracotta but also help you craft your clay masterpieces.

Things to expect:
• Introduction & Presentation: Discover the rich history and techniques behind Terracotta objects. Gain insights into the art's origins and fundamental concepts of clay sculpting.
• Hands-on Training: Learn various hand-building techniques, including slab, pinch, coil, and more. Discover how to shape it into unique forms.
• From Small to Big Creations: Explore how small clay objects can be assembled to create larger artworks which is a fascinating concept.
• Tool Provision: Tools required for the workshop will be provided on a returnable basis.
• Inclusive Fees: The workshop fee covers the cost of tools, clay, and firing.
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Trainer Profile - Ram Kumar Manna
Ram Kumar Manna is a prominent terracotta sculptor from rural West Bengal. With over 30 solo exhibitions in major Indian cities and international showcases, his mastery reflects a fusion of experience and imagination. He has been honored with accolades such as the Lalit Kala Academy Award and others.

Recommended for:
This workshop welcomes participants of all skill levels and backgrounds. One should be 15+


Date: Saturday 17th February
Time: 11 am – 3 pm 
Venue: Terrace, KCC

Experience the magic of eco-printing - an environmentally conscious printing technique that captures the intricate imprints of flowers, leaves, roots, and barks on fabric. Throughout the workshop, led by esteemed designer Bijoya Halder, participants will explore the foundational techniques of eco-printing, learning to infuse fabrics with the essence of nature.

Things you'll Learn:
• Understanding the ethos of sustainability
• Exploring the concept of sustainable printing
• Differentiating between natural and synthetic natural fibers and dyes
• Mastering the intricate techniques of eco-printing
• Cultivating a meaningful new skill set

Participants are required to bring along 1 meter of white cotton fabric.
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Trainer Profile- Bijoya Halder
Bijoya Halder brings a wealth of experience from her tenure at prestigious institutions like Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, and the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Her expertise extends to collaborations with esteemed names such as Sabhyasachi, Nalli sarees, and Tata Trust. She currently directs Beej and Co., a design studio in Santiniketan, showcasing her innovative works on social media platforms.

Recommended for: 
People aged 15+ with no prior experience are eligible.

Trainer Profile - Pooja Agarwal
Pooja Agarwal is a seasoned professional who transitioned from successful corporate roles at renowned companies to venture into candle making. With a passion for creativity and an eye for aesthetic appeal, Pooja brings strategic thinking and artistic flair to handmade candles through her start-up, Yelow.

Recommended for:
This workshop is perfect for beginners aged 15+


Date: Saturday 10th February
Time: 11 am – 2 pm
Venue: KCC Terrace

Have you ever imagined crafting your captivating candles? Join us for an enriching Candle candle-making workshop that will immerse you in the fascinating world of candle crafting.

Things You'll Learn:
Types of Wax: Understand the unique characteristics of different types of wax
Calculate Wax and Wick Requirements: Learn precise measurements for various containers and molds.
Temperature, Colour, and Fragrance Load: Discover the secrets behind achieving the perfect balance for your ideal candle.
Troubleshooting Sink Holes: Learn the challenge of sinkholes, ensuring your candles emerge flawless and beautiful.
• Frosting in Soy Wax: Explore techniques to prevent frosting in soy wax jar candles.
Crafting and Decorating Jar Candles: Step-by-step guidance on creating perfect jar candles.
• Do’s and Don’ts: Essential tips and precautions to enhance your candle-making skills and ensure a flawless process.
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Date: Saturday 3 February
Time: 11 am – 1 pm
Venue: KCC Terrace

From ancient Chinese traditions to modern innovations by Hallmark Cards, wrapping paper has evolved into an expression of joy and personalization across centuries and cultures. In our workshop, come and discover the art and history of wrapping paper.

Things to expect from the workshop:
planning intricate designs
•mastering basic techniques
•experimenting with diverse materials, including butter paper
•crafting wrapping papers that showcase your distinct designs
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Trainer Profile - Padma Karmakar
An accomplished artist with a remarkable portfolio spanning prestigious exhibitions and accolades, Padma Karmakar brings expertise and passion to guide you through this creative experience.

Recommended for: 
Individuals aged 15 years and above