Ami Arts - Museo Camera

As part of AMI Arts Festival, Museo Camera facilitated a virtual discussion in continuation of the photographic exhibition Drishti: 75 Years of Indian Image Making, featuring the work of 82 renowned Indian photographers. The talk, consisting of a panel of distinguished names in the field of photography delved into how Photography hasdeveloped in terms of subject, seeing, and technology during the last 75 years. The session was began with a walkthrough of Museo Camera by Aditya Arya and continued with the panellists and the moderator tracked the journey from analogue to digital and sharing their perspectives on the evolution of photography, especially its present-day digital version and the advent of social media which brought with it a proliferation of photographers. As part of the exhibition, 'A Shot from the Past - Vintage Cameras from Museo Camera', 9 vintage cameras were displayed. A part of the Museo Camera museum was displayed at Rabindra Tirtha.

Venue: Gallery 1, Rabindra Tirtha
Date: 17th - 25th December
Time: 11 AM to 8 PM
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