AMI Arts Festival presents Dialogues With Sujoy & Samantak

Welcome to an extraordinary evening on 8 December, 5.30 pm at the AMI Arts Festival at KCC, where two exceptional artists, Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee, and Vocalist Samantak, unite to create a mesmerizing fusion of words and music that transcends boundaries.

"Dialogues" is a testament to the remarkable synergy between various art forms, breaking barriers between words and melodies and offering a profound and immersive experience.

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What to Expect at ‘Dialogues’
‘Dialogues’ is a celebration of boundless creativity and a fusion of artistic expressions that defy limits. Join us for an unforgettable evening that promises to inspire, entertain, and redefine the possibilities of art. This is a collaboration that stands as a highlight of our festival, where we encourage and celebrate the endless possibilities of artistic expression. ‘Dialogues’ is an event that will move you and stay with you long after the final note is sung.

About the Artists

Samantak Sinha is a versatile singer-songwriter, vocalist of the Kolkata-based band "Samantak & Mates," and a music producer for films, TV series, and more. His journey into musical prominence began as the playback voice behind the protagonist Gora in "Gaaner Opaare," a celebrated television program directed by Rituparno Ghosh. Samantak's extensive music career spans live performances in India, the UK, Europe, and South East Asia, showcasing his versatility as a vocalist and musician. His educational background, including Sound Engineering and Music Production in London, further solidifies his status as a multifaceted artist. Samantak's discography includes a variety of film soundtracks and collaborations with renowned artists.

Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in spoken words and theatre. His voice is his artistic medium for expressing powerful narratives on gender, sexuality, social issues, and humanity. Sujoy has acted in notable Bengali films and web series and has ventured into directing and producing his own work. He is the artistic director of Phreedom4 Ever Monologues, India's only solo arts festival. Sujoy is also the founder of SPCkraft, Kolkata's only interdisciplinary arts collective, and has introduced a line of unisexual accessories and body-positive couture.

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