AMI Arts Festival Presents an Enchanting Evening of Sufi Qawwali with the Qutbi Brothers

Prepare to be swept away on a musical journey as we proudly present the Qutbi Brothers, renowned qawwali singers from India on 8 December 2023, 7 pm at KCC. 

Unveiling a Musical Legacy: Hailing from India, the Qutbi Brothers, led by Haji Mohammad Idris and Arshad Qutbi, are celebrated qawwali singers whose musical journey began at an early age. What sets them apart is their profound connection to an 800-year-old Sufi tradition, a rich heritage passed down through the ages by mystics and Sufi saints like Amir Khusrau, Kabir, Meerabai, Rumi, Bulleh Shah, and many more. They are not just performers; they are the torchbearers of this spiritual and musical legacy. They regularly grace the historic dargah of Hazrat Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki in Mehrauli, Delhi. 
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Setting Records and Winning Hearts: Their dedication to their craft is demonstrated by a remarkable "World Record" for singing 12 hours non-stop qawwali in Delhi, an achievement acknowledged by the "Limca Book of Records." They have earned the highest grade of artistry recognized by the All India Radio (Akashwani) and are empaneled as 'Outstanding' artists by the ICCR and the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. 

Captivating the World: The Qutbi Brothers have mesmerized audiences in India and across the globe, including countries like France, Maldives, Kuwait, South Africa, Tanzania, UAE, Singapore, and the UK. Their performances at prestigious national and international festivals, such as the Commonwealth Games India, Arth – A Culture Festival, and Jashn-e-Qawwali Festival, have even earned them two awards at META 2023. They are empaneled as 'Outstanding' artists by both the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. 

Join us for a mesmerizing evening of Sufi Qawwali with the Qutbi Brothers at AMI Arts Festival! 

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