‘Adab Se Adab Tak’ : Spoken Urdu Course

The course will focus on appreciating the beauty of Urdu as a language. The dulcet tone of Urdu words and their fine representation in ghazals and nazms will be covered in the class under the guidance of trainer, Zahid Hossain.
Classes will be held every Wednesday from March 6 to April 24, from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Course Overview
In this course, we aim to celebrate Urdu as not just a language, but as an art form. From the melodious verses of ghazals to the profound depth of nazms, participants will explore the nuances and beauty of Urdu literature.

By the end of the 8-week course, you can expect to have learned the following:
•Better talaffuz (Pronunciation)
•Understanding of famous ghazals
•Familiarity with rhythm and meter
•Most quoted couplets
•Simple everyday conversations

What will you cover
•Nazms and Ghazals with pronunciation
•Izaafat (compound words)
•Word games
•Simple Translations
•Most common mistakes

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Early Bird Offer:
First 10 enrolments: 2,000 INR
After the first 10: 2,500 INR

Trainer Profile
Meet Zahid Hossain, a seasoned thespian, voice artist, and one of the pioneering Dastangos from Kolkata. With a rich background in theatre and extensive experience in conducting workshops, Zahid brings passion and expertise to the realm of Urdu language. His diverse portfolio includes screen and stage productions, alongside regular engagements in theatre workshops across the country. Zahid also specializes in pronunciation workshops in English, Hindi, and Urdu, and actively contributes to various theatre groups in Kolkata.

Recommended for
This workshop is suitable for individuals of all age groups eager to refine their Urdu conversational skills. A basic understanding of Devanagari and Roman script is required for participation.