KCC DEAI (diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusivity) focuses exclusively on the application of art for the development of marginalized and differently-abled persons, empowering them through self-expression and creativity. We continuously work with national and international experts in art, accessibility, and therapeutic training to build the framework for these engagements vis-à-vis art.
We believe ability depends significantly on the accessibility to resources, and we work towards making them available keeping in mind the diversity and differential needs of our audiences. An essential part of this is also the sensitization of our staff through regular training sessions. Through series of programs, presentations, exhibitions, performances, sensitization seminars, and workshops titled ‘Learn Togetherness’ we are consistently striving to ensure that KCC is an all-inclusive LGBT Queer-friendly art space.

Championing Accessibility in the Indian Arts Ecosystem - an interview with Reena Dewan

In an interview to La Gazette Drouot, Reena Dewan, Director and Curator of Kolkata Centre for Creativity and former President of ICOM India, discusses her commitment to accessibility, equality, and social inclusion in the arts. Reena describes her personal journey from living in Old Delhi, where traditional practices of art, cooking, games, and textiles became part of her DNA, to becoming a leader in the arts.  

 At the Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC), Reena promotes a multidisciplinary approach to programming and aims to create an environment where people with different choices, identities, and needs are included and not marginalized. She is passionate about working with communities and promoting social inclusion, which stems from personal experiences, including her mother's struggle with Alzheimer's.

She believes that accessibility and inclusion should be supported by equity and that it is important to address the diverse needs of the public in public spaces. At KCC, Reena has established an Accessibility Program that invites diverse audiences and goes into their spaces. The program includes creating tactile artworks, launching braille artist catalogues, and developing a permanent accessibility zone.  
In the interview, Reena talks about how Kolkata Centre for Creativity through KCC DEAI works for social inclusion using arts to facilitate opportunities for marginalized communities and persons with disabilities. She shares insights into how passionate she is about using art as a tool for self-expression and social inclusion.

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