A musical journey that transcends borders as Trio One World brought together the rich traditions of classical Indian ragas and the sophistication of Western classical piano music. Comprising the talented trio – Lisa Schlachtschneider from Switzerland, Udai Majumdar, and Rohan Dasgupta from India – this collaboration showed a mesmerizing musical experience that payed homage to the 75 years of Swiss Indian Friendship.

The concert, supported by The Embassy of Switzerland in India and Bhutan, along with the official Swiss diplomatic network in India and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, and Musicea Arts and Cuilture Council marks a significant collaboration between the Embassy and the Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) in presenting a World Music event. This special evening reflects the spirit of friendship and celebrates the success stories of Switzerland-India relations.

About the Artists:
Lisa Maria Schlachtschneider (Switzerland): A renowned pianist residing in Eastern Switzerland, Lisa's debut CD "FEMINAE-the female in music" received acclaim and recognition globally.
Rohan Dasgupta (India): An internationally acclaimed classical Sitarist, Rohan has made a mark in over 16 countries with his pure Indian classical music performances and diverse collaborations.

Udai Mazumdar (India): Hailing from a family of musicians, Udai has been a prominent tabla artist and composer for over 20 years. His work has been documented on over 10 albums, including the notable composition "HOPE."

The Trio One World was born out of a chance meeting in 2021 at a concert in Liechtenstein, where Lisa, Rohan, and Udai discovered a shared passion for blending classical Indian and Western classical music. The name ‘Trio One World’ symbolizes the fusion of instruments from different cultures, uniting musicians across continents and fostering a global sense of togetherness.