‘Ritu Basant Aye - In Saaz Aur Awaaz’, an enchanting melodies of spring to delve into the soul-stirring world of Indian classical music and experience the beauty of ragas like Basant, Paraj, and Bahar, along with the mesmerizing forms of Thumri and Dadra. Renowned artists including Shri Malyaban Chatterjee on vocals, Shri Hiranmay Mitra on harmonium, Shri Prabir Mitra on tabla, and Pandit Sanjay Mukherjee presented a tabla solo that graced the stage, promising an unforgettable evening of Hindustani classical music at the grand KCC Amphitheatre.

Pandit Sanjay Mukherjee
In the realm of Indian classical music, Kolkata has long been hailed as the Mecca of tabla. Many of the greatest tabla players, if not most, either hail from Kolkata or have their roots deeply embedded in the city. These maestros have not only mastered the art of tabla but have also elevated it to unparalleled heights of excellence. Among them, Pandit Sanjay Mukherjee stands out as a prominent figure representing the celebrated Farrukhabad Gharana, contributing significantly to its rich legacy.
While Pandit Sanjay Mukherjee's initial tutelage was under the guidance of Pandit Anath Nath Bose, a stalwart of the Banaras Gharana, his journey towards mastery led him to receive intensive training from two legendary figures: Sangeet Acharya Gyan Prakash Ghosh and the globally renowned maestro Pandit Shankar Ghosh. 
For about 35 years, Pandit Sanjay Mukherjee has been an invaluable asset to Doordarshan, where he has served as a member of the staff. Throughout his tenure, he has also nurtured and mentored numerous brilliant students, who continue to perpetuate the rich traditions of Indian classical music.

Malyaban Chatterjee
Shri Malyaban Chatterjee represents the contemporary generation of distinguished vocalists who by their sangeet sadhana, accomplishments, and teaching, ensure the continuity of a special tradition. Trained by eminent Gurus since childhood - including Pandit Shiv Kumar Chatterjee, his grand uncle, and Shri Sunil Neogy - he was privileged to receive intensive training under legendary vocalist Pandit Manas Chakraborty, son and disciple of Sangeetacharya Tarapada Chakraborty.  
Major music festivals in India have featured him in performances lauded by connoisseurs and journalists, for his unique blend of tradition and imagination. A recipient of the prestigious Jadubhatta Award and numerous titles, Malyaban Chatterjee has been visiting the UK annually for two decades, for projects comprising performance, teaching, and composition.
Broadcast of his music over All India Radio, Doordarshan and BBC contribute to his outreach among global listeners. 
Committed to the promotion of Indian Classical music, he has founded Barrackpore Sangeet Sabha, which annually hosts classical music performances by artists of national & international fame.