LEARN TOGETHERNESS 2022 (Exhibition)

'In the second edition of Learn Togetherness, Kolkata Centre for Creativity is organising an exhibition on the theme of “Being Queer, Being Home”. KCC would be celebrating the LGBTQIA++ Pride Month in June 2022, through visual art, performing art, and literary creations based on the idea of “home” explored through the queer lens of artists selected through an open call. The exhibition aims to include multiple art forms like paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, writings, and performance pieces that explore “home” in relation to being queer—from the perspective of a queer person in a conventional home to the utopic exploration of how a queer home might be.

ONLINE SUBMISSION DATE: 1st March to 30th April, 2022
SELECTION DATE:  1st May to 31st May, 2022
EXHIBITION DATE: 17th June to 27th June, 2022

KCC Physical Space (on 1st Floor)

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