INDIGENOUS WISDOM (On the occasion of World Indigenous Day) (आदि प्रणाली)

Kolkata Centre for Creativity would be organising a Session to celebrate the World Indigenous day. The indigenous tribal communities had been carrying with them through intergenerational exchange wisdom of thousands of year. This wisdom remained mostly confined within the communities for multiple reasons, we feel we can learn through them, how to bridge the emotional gap between humans and the nature that has disrupted the sentimental connection between the two in the present. The celebration on this day, would be dedicated to giving homage to these communities owing to their eco-centric attitude which is reflected in their cultural manifestations through different art forms. The subject of our discussion would be cultural life of community of Eastern India (Santal) which is integral to their existence and sustenance because they express how intrinsically connected they are to their native community and the surrounding environment.

We are focusing on how their art expression and sustainable life style kind of evolve together and what is their historical and ethnographic background of it and what is right now.