Are you fascinated by the pleasant resonance of Sanskrit chants and mantras? Do you want to explore the secrets of ancient hymns and devotional songs? The eight-week course is specially designed for beginners to delve into the enchanting world of Sanskrit chanting.

Throughout this workshop, you will embark on a journey to master the art of chanting Sanskrit Shlokas, stotrams, and mantras with precision and grace. Led by experienced instructor Anuradha Dalmiya, you will learn the importance of rhythm, pronunciation, and diction. With dedication and practice, you'll gain the skills to learn and decipher various Sanskrit hymns. 

By the end of the workshop, participants:
•Learned the techniques to pronounce correctly
•Explored various chanting methods
•Gained insight into the significance of Sanskrit poetry composition
•Got introduced to the science of meters or Chhandashastra
•Learned commonly sung popular Sanskrit Stotras and Shlokas

Throughout the workshop, participants delved into:
•the history of Sanskrit as found in Vedic Literature
•the significance and benefits of chanting in modern times
•the rules and intricacies of chanting
•exploration of simple meters
•differences between Vedic and non-Vedic chanting
•popular compositions dedicated to Lord Rama, Krishna, Shiva, and Devi Durga Parvati

About Anuradha Dalmiya:
Anuradha Dalmiya is a self-taught Sanskrit Shloka teacher with a passion for sharing the beauty of ancient chants. Drawing from extensive reading, listening, and attending lectures and workshops by renowned Acharyas and scholars, Anuradha has honed her expertise. With a background in Indian classical music and a grasp of Sanskrit, she imparts her knowledge with enthusiasm and dedication.

Recommended for:
Age: Open to participants of all ages
Education: Ability to read Devanagari script
Skills: Memorization skills are advantageous