Ek Rumaal, Ek Anguthi, Ek Chalni, a mesmerizing solo play based on a story penned by the celebrated Amrita Pritam. Directed by Shubham Tiwari and featuring theatre and film actress Gunjan Jain, this performance beautifully encapsulates themes of love, longing, and loss. The play has various content like poetry, couplets, and songs by famous poets Shiv Kumar Batalvi (a contemporary of Amrita Pritam), Ghalib, Bulleh Shah, Amrita Pritam and Bhartendu Kashyap. The play adopts a minimalist set design comprising a book rack, table, chair, an angithi (clay stove), and two stools. It also incorporates the iconic painting by avant-garde artist.

The play commences with the melancholic Punjabi folk song penned by veteran poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi. To add to the play's depth, the director has intertwined serene songs and music seamlessly. Gunjan Jain's adept portrayal of multiple characters, evident through her expressions and voice modulation, elevates the performance.

Amrita Pritam's narrative revolves around three women, narrated by Amrita herself. Banti, the main protagonist, engages in a correspondence with her childhood friend Amrita. Despite her affection for Raju, Banti is wedded to an older man in a distant village. Fate intertwines her story with Rupo, her mother-in-law, who shares a similar tale of separated love. Both women navigate emotional turmoil, symbolized by 'ek rumaal, ek chalni, ek angoothi'. Banti's decision to move forward involves symbolically immersing these gifts in the holy waters of the Ganges, safeguarding their reputations.

About actress Gunjan Jain:
Gunjan has worked with many renowned directors like Bhartendu Kashyap (Chambal Ek Nadi Ka Naam, A Night with Marilyn Monroe), Shubham Tiwari (Gaon Mein Kuch Bura Hone Wala Hai, Mai Hi Sandhya Mai Usha, Ek Chalni Ek Anguthi Ek Rumaal). 

Her work includes acting in Mission Majnu on Netflix, Crime & Confessions on ALT Balaji, Zindagi 1 TSP on Disney Hotstar, and A Family in Lockdown, and lending her voice in the documentary War & Peace.