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Kolkata Centre for Creativity is coming up with 4 exciting certification courses ‘Salsa moves’, ‘Learn to draw’, ‘Find the actor in you’ and ‘Cartoons and Caricatures' for different age groups. 

These courses are curated for young learners and are designed to build and hone the skills and develop a comprehensive understanding of the creative process.

Learn to Draw

"This course will introduce the enrollees to drawing by analysing masterpieces by Paul Cezanne, Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Nandalal Bose, and others. It will also cover with examples and exercises drawing still-life, birds and animals, portraits, as well as landscapes. Besides learning the fundamentals of drawing and colouring techniques, the enrollees will also learn to navigate different geometric planes and shapes, and master linear perspective with shading and rendering techniques to enliven their drawings using pen and pencil. In addition to the techniques, the discussions and practice sessions will enhance the enrollee’s aesthetic sensibilities and general understanding of visual arts.
The course will be taught by a subject expert and certification will be provided upon completion."

Platform - Online

Starting From - 11th September, 2021

Time - Once a week, Every Saturday, 16:00  to 17:00 Hrs (IST)

Facilitators - ARIJIT BASU

Fee - 4,758 INR
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Salsa Moves 

"Learn the basics of Salsa with Roy from this 6 months course. If you are just a beginner or a complete non-dancer, you can sign up individually or as a couple, this is for you to jazz up your body and move with new techniques and skills. While learning the basics of Salsa, you will also get to familiar with other latin Amercian Dance. Six months long courses (August – January)
o        New admission after first two classes won’t be allowed 
o        Certification upon completing the whole course 
o        70% attendance must for receiving certificates"

Platform - KCC & Online (Hybrid model) 

Starting From - 12th September, 2021

Time - Once a week, Every Sunday, 11:00  to 12:00 Hrs (IST)

Facilitators - Rony Roy 

Bio - ROY chiefly trained in Street Latin (Social) Dance Forms (Salsa & Bachata), Latin American (Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive & Paso Doble), Contemporary Dancing. She is specialized in Latin American & Social Dance Forms intensively trained by Master Peddro, Ms. Alien Ramirez, Mr. Oliver Pineda, Mr. Nicolas Sandez to name a few and achieved mastery over Contemporary & Modern Dancing under the vigorous Training by Shri Sudipta Kundu and Mr. Michel Casanovas. She has extensive experience of training contemporary dance and Salsa to children and young adults. 

Fee - 11,554 INR

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Learn to Create Cartoon & Caricature 

"This course will teach children the tricks and techniques to create their own cartoon and caricature characters. It charts the departure from realistic representations to exaggerated features of cartoons and caricatures, equipping children with the necessary knowledge and tools to explore their imaginary worlds. The sessions will enable children to capture through caricature the expressive range, the emotions undertones, and suggestive postures of comical characters while illustrating and narrating their own made-up stories. 
 The course will be taught by a subject expert and certification will be provided upon completion."

Platform - Online 

Starting From - 9th September, 2021

Time - Once in a week, Every Thursday, 17:30  to 16:30 Hrs (IST)

Facilitators - RITUPARNO BASU

Fee - 4,758 INR
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Find the Actor in You

"This course is designed with theatre, theatre games, improvisation techniques through body and imagination. Throughout the course, participants will be going through the process of theatre making. The course will cover acting techniques, movement improvisation and craft of story making. At the end of the course, children will be expected to make a production in group. This will enhance their creativity skills along with their ability to work in group. This course will bring dance, music, visual art together, hence, there will be a multidisciplinary learning for children. 

Platform - KCC & Online (Hybrid model)

Starting From - 12th September, 2021

Time - Once in a week, Every Sunday, 9:00  to 10:30 Hrs (IST)

Facilitators - Debasish Sen Sharma 

Bio - "Debasish Sen Sharma is a postgraduate in English and Film Studies from Jadavpur University. He has been an independent filmmaker and a theatre practitioner since last 21 years engaging in activities like Films, Academics, theatre-in-education and trainings. He works in different areas of audio visual media like Feature film, television commercials, promos, non-fiction TV shows and documentary film. He has made two full length fiction feature films Bicycle Kick (2013) and Aranyadeb (2018) which have travelled many national and international festivals. He has directed 300 episodes of television shows on children, youth, research documentaries and fashion in different channels. His documentaries have been widely screened and appreciated in India and abroad. He is engaged with theatre since last 20 years as an actor, playwright and a director. He collaborated as Actor-Playwright-Director of the international theatre project ROOT MAP. He has travelled to Cornell University, USA, in a fellowship to co –direct the performance. He was also associated to Center for Applied Positive Psychology,UK as a resource person. He uses his tools of positive psychology to devise his workshops and play sessions with both children and adults. Currently, he runs an Youtube channel named youtube.com/chaepani on social dialogues and archiving personal narratives."

Fee - 4,078 INR
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