KCC Art Laboratory 5.0 - Crucible Showcasing

With the pandemic altering the world, our sense of space shifted drastically. Spaces of public gathering closed limiting us to the home space – that resulted in the exploration of known, smaller spaces as performance spaces. The physical space that we understood as performance space, got squeezed. While the small window in our telecommunication device connects us with a new space abundance named the virtual/ cyberspace – our physical enclosure stays restricted between the frames of our devices. On the other hand, there are conversations questioning gender, caste, religion-based ideologies and the ideas of human rights and freedom of expression.
Recognising these phenomena Kolkata Centre for Creativity supported two selected projects from applications on many for multidisciplinary laboratory "Crucible", that questions around these phenomena.  
The projects Mindmapping the Pandemic: Spatializing Memory and More by Sanskriti Chattopadhyay & The Baak of Maguri by Maitri Das have been selected for the laboratory. 
While Sanskriti’s creation would address the shifting dimensions of mind-space through her a video art outcome involving live bodies, Maitri’s live performance would look at the displacement from an eco-feminist perspective, referring to the locale exodus of her experience. 

Platform - KCC Physical Space 
Date - 27th March ( 18.00 PM )
No. of seats - 30
Name of the Artists/Facilitaors -  Sanskriti Chattopadhyay, Maitree Das