Emerging Artist Performance

In pursuit of an identity, we often tend to overlook the world within us, which is untouched by externalities. However, our rationality indeed allows us to truly understand ourselves. My 'self' is something beyond both physical body and abstract mind - its Shakti, or the power to manifest my principles in the purest of ways. Our frequent failures to realize this power has compelled me to search deeper. Hereby starts my intrinsic journey, meandering around several emotions, overcoming hurdles and coming out as the sole proprietor of my karmic legacy. I intend to explore 'I' and reach towards self-awareness, thus realizing 'Aham'

Name of the Artists - Kankana Singh
Bio - Kankana is an upcoming talented artist in the domain of Classical Manipuri dance. She is both Junior and Senior national scholarships holder from CCRT and Ministry of Culture, respectively. Performing since the age of 4 years, now she is dancing for more than 22 years. She was awarded the Nalanda Nritya Nipuna award from Nalanda Dance Research Centre. Currently the Creative Director of Nartanagan.

Date - 21st November, 2021
Time - 6p.m to 7p.m
Platform - 1st Floor( Amphitheatre) at KCC and also on Zoom ( Hybrid)
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