Aagomoni - a musical soiree by Violin Brothers

Celebrated with love, art and cheer, Durga Puja is a festival represents the soul of Bengal. The cultural celebration invocking the festivities, is a part of the tradition, named as "Agomoni".

Following that footstep, KCC brings to you - 'Aagomoni -  a musical soiree by Violin Brothers'; a minstrel musical evening; to mark the beginning of the festivities. 

Tune in to an online violin concert by Debshankar and Jyotishankar Roy, popularly known as ‘The Violin Brothers’. 

This session will have four finely blended segments-
- The Violin Brother’s own compositions
- Compositions on Western classical melodies
- Compositions of Pt. Amzad Ali Khan on Indian classical music
- Bollywood songs based on Indian ragas