… Where Lines Meet | KCC Art Laboratory 6.0


The rod puppetry is an important cultural expression of Bengal. Talpatar Sipai is a tradition of storytelling which is proposed to interact with a codified system of Dance namely, Bharatanatyam along with a theater artist to try and create a contemporary story which could be using the movement vocabulary from Rod Puppetry as well as Bharatanatyam, and presentation techniques of theatre.

1.Artists (one each) from Bharatanatyam, and theatre would be selected to collaborate with an already selected Rod-puppeteer for the laboratory.
2.Process of Ideation could be in the form of a workshop where the Artists meet and discuss various possibilities of a seed idea and development of the script.
3.The final stage of rehearsals and performance may be of 10 days at KCC space.

The Laboratory Offers – 
1.Stipend of INR 15000.00 to each artist. 
2.Accommodation and food during the final stage of rehearsal and show for maximum 11 days, as per the norms of the organization. 
3.Technical requirements (light and sound) for the final performance at KCC space by the end of the laboratory.
4.Rehearsal and performance space for the final stage of rehearsal and performance at KCC. 
5.Review and mention of the project at Articulate and KCC website

Areas of exploration-
1.Could the limb movements of puppets be incorporated into Bharatanatyam movement vocabulary? 
2.Could the Rod- Puppetry incorporate the geometric body postures used in Bharatanatyam?
3.Could theatrical story-telling be a way to connect this artistic exchange into becoming a complete performance?

Details of the laboratory:
1.One project will be awarded for this laboratory program.
2.The performance must be created for physical space in a space generic manner, i.e. flexible enough to be performed in any space available.
3. The length of the piece must be at least 30 minutes and max 60 minutes.
All the selected performance/ showcase of the project must be executed as per timelines given in 'Important Dates' at the end of this page.
4.This laboratory is offered for Indian Nationales. (Employees, ex-employees, KCC Art Fellows and lab-awardees for past and current years of 2020-2021 & 2021-2022 are not eligible for application.)
5.The projects must be applied in Bengali, Hindi or in English.

Things to submit: 
1.A concept note addressing the area(s) of exploration according to the expertise of the applicants (300 words max)
2.A statement of intent towards collaboration with the other two discipline – mainly addressing why and how you intend to collaborate (200 words max)
3.A paragraph stating the applicant’s intention to apply for this laboratory (200 words)
4.Bio on the applicant (100 words max)

NB: All four points must be submitted accumulated in one single PDF file with the followings mentioned on the front page of the application

Name of the applicant
KCC Art Laboratory 6.0 (WLM)
Single point contact: Phone –
Single point contact: Email –

The name of the PDF must be Application_WLM_Name of the Applicant
eg. If the name of the applicant is ABC the name of the PDF would be ‘Application_WLM_ABC’

5.Supporting documents for the applicants in support of their experience.
(Letter from Guru/ Director confirming that the applicant fulfils the experience criteria, Photographs, Brochures, media coverage – consolidated in one folder or ZIP file) 

The PDF and the ZIP/Folder must be sent to submission.kcc@akst.org.in as attachment to an application email with Application_WLM_Applicant’s discipline – as subject of the email. 
eg. If the applicant is a practitioner of Bharatnatyam the subject of the application email would be ‘Application_WLM_Bharatnatyam’.

Application procedure:

1.Applicants will be shortlisted according to the merit of their application and interview by an independent panel of dignitaries.
2.Shortlisted candidates will have to appear in two-day long workshop – where the final grantees will be selected according to the merit of their aptitude for collaborating with each other. 


Deadline for application - 10.11.2021
Primary Interview - 09.11.2021 – 10.11.2021
Announcement of shortlisted candidates - 14.11.2021
Workshop dates for shortlisted candidates – 19.11.2021 – 20.11.2021
Announcement of selected grantees - 24.11.2021 
Important Dates                                                 January (Exact dates – TBD)