जश्न -ए-ज़िन्दगी Celebrating life

Kolkata Centre for Creativity is organising a workshop on abstract painting in order to celebrate the International day of older persons. People gather different experiences during their lifetime. However, as they grow old the memories of their early experiences gradually start to fade away. Art plays a unique role in reviving and expressing the memories associated with these experiences. Art enables everyone to express their thoughts through paintings. Abstract art helps to find how their story, memory, or fantasy can be expressed or told.
Please enroll/ register in the link given below to participate. You will receive a confirmation mail with login details. Keep the following ready on the day of the workshop: 

1. Laptop with zoom connection supported by could internet. 
2. Name of the acrylic colours:- 
    Yellow Ochre
    Crimson Lake
    Scarlet Lake
    Permanent Yellow Deep
    Burnt Sienna
    Lemon Yellow
    Sap Green
    Viridian Green
    Cobalt Blue Hue
    Prussian Blue
    Titanium White
3. 1 Palate
4. Soft flat brushes (No:-0,  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12)
5.  Water bowl
6.  Cotton cloth
7.  Pencil (2B, 4B, 6B, 8B, 10 B)
8.  Canvas (16 x 20 inch) or similar to this size