My Kolkata In Kolkata 2.0

A Photography Exhibition

Time is the great spectator of changing Calcutta to Kolkata. Kolkata has welcomed different people, their life style, habits and conceived into her soul & soil and became “Tilottama”. Being a changing and growing city Kolkata never changes or leaves its leisure time.

Every single hour in Kolkata uncovers a different story. From the colonial age to the modern time, leisure journeyed across the time. It lays everywhere whether its north or south Kolkata followed from royal families to the streets of Kolkata. From continuation celebrating leisure in horse drone carriage in colonial time or by reading books, making homemade foods and also playing cards by Women of zaminder houses we moved into a 21st century metro city. It was also a leisure.

Winter is one of the best times to be in Kolkata. It’s easy to keep warm. This wonderful time there are so many fun things we can do around the city like going to park street and attending the Kolkata Christmas Festival, visiting St. paul’sCathedral, The Alipoor Zoo etc. It called leisure.

All year round, leisure activities in Kolkata provide wide range of option for every age group. Kolkata is loaded with lavish shopping areas, restaurants and spas that ensure that trip to Kolkata is hassle free. From a convincing landscape and outdoor to some world class stay options and facilities, Kolkata packs an incredible amount of diversity in the luxury activities.

Now-a-days chess is not bounded in between luxury walls, it came down to the street adda. Somewhere an office goer rushing to catch the bus or train besides that some people having their tea in vand (earthen cup). This contradictory life can be seen Kolkata’s daily life.A hand pulled rickshaw wala takes nap in tiring noon, colour of love became green on the grasses at maidan in the evening. Even animals at zoo in Kolkata scheduled their own leisure time whatever the season is going on.

But all these short moments only can be memorized through the lens of a photographer. By observing those photographs, we can submerge into the virtual leisure in our busy life.

Rules for Participation

  • 1 photograph as per the theme

  • We need Raw files and a High resolution image (300 DPI)

  • Size of image to be 12 x 18 inches without frame & mounting.

  • During submission printing, framing and mounting to be done by participants themselves

  • Contact details (number and email id) for communication

  • Once we receive all the submissions (through email)by 1st March, after which our committee will decide and let you know about your selection soon

  • Details along with the image – Title, year, a story behind the image max 50 word

  • Color of Frame should be Dark brown or black

  • 10 Best selected photographs will get Certificate of Merit and an opportunity to be showcased at India Art Fair, Delhi 2021.

  • Entries to be submitted at kcc@akst.org.in

  • For any other queries, please call us at 9674140905 (11 am to 5 pm| Mondays closed) or email at kcc@akst.org.in


Last day of submission – 1st March 2020

777, Anandapur EM Bypass, Kolkata – 700 107.
Phone No. – +91 96741 40905

777, Anandapur EM Bypass,
Kolkata – 700 107.
Phone No. – +91 96741 40905

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