Kolkata Centre for Creativity welcomes support from its patrons and friends to create a unique art space in Kolkata. The membership schemes are custom made to cater to your interests in the diverse field of art and culture. We are offering memberships for Individuals, Family, Students, Educational Institutes and Corporates.

We at KCC firmly believe by initiating the viewer, rewarding the collector, amusing the child, and empowering the youth, the centre intends to align like-minded seekers to interact and take each other forward. With regular programmes of curated exhibitions that includes the work of new talent alongside that of renowned masters of regional, national and international stature the centre offers much more than just regular form of art.

Kolkata Centre for Creativity extends its warm welcome to its patrons.




Educational Institute






Upto 15

Upto 15

Membership for 1 year






Membership for 2 year






Gift Coupons on a spend of over Rs. 2000

500 * 4

500 * 20

500 * 4

500 * 15

500 * 30

KCC Library membership

Cook-out facility

10% off at Grace and TGS

10% off at Skill Centre

10% off on ticketed events

Invite to previews of exhibitions

ConnectAtKCC membership

Receive E-Newsletters

  1. Gift coupons can be availed over a spend of Rs. 2000

  2. Free access and membership at KCC Library that hosts a wide genre of books, catalogues and magazines on various forms of art, architecture, design and fashion

  3. Avail cook-out facility for your family and friends. Pre-book the live kitchen as a member

  4. Receive e-newsletters regularly with updates on all the events and workshops

  5. 80G tax benefits can be availed

  6. Get 10% off on total bill at The Gift Shop & Grace

  7. Get 10% discount on all chargeable events** thereafter at KCC, for individuals, students for any number of tickets bought by the member

  8. Invite to previews of exhibitions

  9. ConnectAtKCC membership

  10. Get 10% off on usage of skill centre equipment which offers producing objects from 3D Printer, laser cut facility

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One can avail library Membership separately at Rs. 500 annually.
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777, Anandapur EM Bypass, Kolkata – 700 107.
Phone No. – +91 96741 40905

777, Anandapur EM Bypass,
Kolkata – 700 107.
Phone No. – +91 96741 40905

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