Raza Festival ( 12 - 18th Dec, 2021) | Kcc Art Fellowship ( 1st April - 26th Nov, 2022 ) | Eurasia Auditions India | KCC Emerging Artists Platform (2021-2022) | AMI Arts Festival (17-19th Dec, 2021) | Volunteer Program

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17th to 25th Dec 2022

Young art enthusiasts check out the Art at the exhibition - Photo Credits Arhan Sett
An audience meber enjoys the Raibeshe Performance - Photo credits Arhan Sett
Audiences enjoy a bit of retail therapy at the Festival- Photo credit Arhan Sett
Gambhira @ AMI Arts Festival - Photo Credit Arhan Sett
Lopamudra @Ami Arts Festival - Photo Credit Arhan Sett
Origami Workshop with Upal Sengupta Photo Credits Arhan Sett
Professor Chhatrapati Dutta, Jogen Chowdhury, R. Siva Kumar, Naveen Kishore in conversation on ‘Art Education for Children in India’ - Photo Credits Arhan Sett
Raibehse @ Ami Arts Festival - Photo Credit Arhan Sett
Rene Singh @ Ami Arts Festval - Photo Credit Arhan Sett
Srijani Ghosh KCC Emerging Artist @AMI Arts Festival Photo Credits Arhan Sett