Preventive conservation practices are essential measures aimed at safeguarding objects and collections from potential damage during storage and handling. These practices focus on ensuring the protection of objects without directly altering their material or physical composition. Key actions include meticulous packaging for transportation, strategic storage, staff education, and emergency preparedness. 

At KCC Conservation Lab (KCCCL), we customize storage and packaging guidelines based on the specific nature of each collection and the individual requirements of its objects. Factors taken into consideration include the immediate environmental conditions surrounding the collection, the level of fragility of the objects, as well as display opportunities and constraints, among other pertinent considerations. 

The KCC Conservation Lab provides Storage Management and Packaging for Transportation 

as two separate services as well. 

Unfavorable environmental conditions pose a significant threat to the preservation of art and built heritage. Factors such as high temperatures, excessive humidity, and intense light can have detrimental effects on objects, necessitating ongoing monitoring and regulation At KCC Conservation Lab (KCCCL), we employ advanced technological methods for conducting non-intrusive and precise assessments of climate conditions. Our monitoring guidelines entail regular inspections, implementation of appropriate ventilation and safety measures, and consideration of potential infrastructural upgrades to enhance preventive care of collections.