Artist To Entrepreneur

With the rise of neoliberalist economy in last decades, the relationship between the creators and financial means of their art practice has been changed rapidly world-wide. The convention of state of personal patronage for art’s survival has been started finding parallels of art practitioners choosing to create their own economic structure. While making it means to support their own art practice they also created opportunities for many others across disciplines. Their own unique art creations, each of such entrepreneurs’ path have been different from the other, forging new avenues of looking at the discourse and its impact in the economy of art.

As a multidisciplinary art and cultural centre, Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) takes great interest in such new developments in Art business to discuss, inform and understand the productive process and methods of economic practices coming out from such entrepreneurial endeavors by Art practitioners.

KCC’s ‘Artist to Entrepreneur’ talk series, is a series of live conversation in digital platform with artists from all around the world who are creating their own economy. They ventured into entrepreneurship to support their own practices and in the process created opportunities, organizations, Institutions and festivals in contemporary time. This program is an attempt to understand, share and inspire the dynamics of the entrepreneurial journeys by many such artists and how they plan to respond to the post Pandemic situations, with the interested and aspiring crowd.


  • Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month, 5 – 6 pm
    Online on Zoom

Past Programs

  • 7th April, 2020 – With Vikram Iyengar – a dancer-choreographer and curator, heading both Ranan and Pickle factory Dance Foundation

  • 21st April, 2020 – With Vanessa Maria Mirza – Dancer, Visual artist, Festival director of Dance Bridges Biennale

  • 5th May, 2020 – Sujay Saple – Actor, Choreographer, Artistic Director of Shapeshift Collective, Mumbai

  • 19th May 2020 – Jignesh Panchal – Visual Artist and Founder of ZOCA Art Gallery

Upcoming Program

  • 9th June 2020 – Sally Richardson – The incumbent Director at Steamworks Arts & MAXIMA Circus

777, Anandapur EM Bypass, Kolkata – 700 107.
Phone No. – +91 96741 40905

777, Anandapur EM Bypass,
Kolkata – 700 107.
Phone No. – +91 96741 40905

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